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Path of Spirit

September 2009

Sep 30, 2009

Touching Christ Every Day
Christ Serving Christ Through You
Saying For Today: "I shall pray to reverence the other as much as I reverence the Christ, for, indeed, Christ and the other is one."

Sep 29, 2009

The Taste of Quietness
Solitude and Silence as Spiritual Practice
Saying For Today: "Quiet and solitude are not meant to be a burden, but a joy."

Sep 28, 2009

A Compassionate Embrace
Renouncing Spiritual Nastiness
Saying For Today: "One challenge is how to take our faith Path seriously, while not taking it or ourselves too seriously. This is not always easy, and that is one reason we find so much Nasty in religion and spirituality."

Sep 27, 2009

The Opening of Life
Ways Beyond Our Selves
Saying For Today: "Indeed, when you and I have reached the admission of our helplessness to be or become apart from Grace what we long to be and become, Life opens to us, silently and subtly, but freely and lovingly."

Sep 26, 2009

Fertile Ground For Prayer
Prayer and Conversion of Life
Saying For Today: "This is a slow process, and we need not be discouraged as we notice small inspirations and movements showing we are falling more deeply in Love with Jesus."

Sep 25, 2009

God Beyond Your Past
When Only God is Left
Saying For Today: "This newness depends, also, on the extent to which we are willing to lose what has proven rightly helpful and precious spiritually, regardless of how lost we may feel for a time before the emergence of a new clarity and more whole knowing of God as God."

Sep 24, 2009

A Restorative Grace
The Divine Dignity Within
Saying For Today: "We can be encouraged that the Divine Presence sees us fully as a child of God, that nothing we have done, or could do, can mar our essential likeness to and union with Love."

Sep 23, 2009

A Life of Blessedness
Consistent Connectivity to God
Saying For Today: "We need tools to practice living in the Presence and to enjoy the Life of blessedness."

Sep 15, 2009

Wallking in Love
Our Humanness and Grace
Saying For Today: "We can learn that to grow in our devoutness does not take away all our human foibles, does not make us a spiritual superhero, does not make us immune to weaknesses and even sins that are common to other persons."

Sep 14, 2009

An Innate Need for Community
Beyond the Dis-ease of Loneliness
Saying For Today: "Spirituality, rightly practiced, addresses our deep longing for unity."

Sep 13, 2009

Giving up Getting, Learning to Receive
The Law of Reversed Effect
Saying For Today: "Spiritual technology and teachings are means to cease grasping for what we need or think we need; then, we find that we have it."

Sep 12, 2009

The Charism of the Holy Spirit
Opening the Heart to the Holy Spirit
Saying For Today: "The Spirit is so intimate with us, and so ready and wanting to help us, we can turn to Her and know the Divine is responsive."

Sep 11, 2009

Sacred Synchronicities
Seeing Divine Hints in Our Way
Saying For Today: "I saw that much I had seen as good fortune, accident, or plain good luck was a meaningful part of a pattern being woven into my life, to lead me in and toward the Purpose for my existence on earth."

Sep 10, 2009

At the Feet of Jesus
Experiencing the Grace of Forgiveness
Saying For Today: "Love wants us to trust Love. And often we must will to trust, choosing to trust, before a feeling of trust arises. In a sense, we trust ourselves into the feeling of trusting."

Sep 10, 2009

Unity in Transcending Thought
An Appeal to Common Sense
Saying For Today: "We, of all faiths, and each one of us, must relinquish our insistence of seeing others as right or wrong through the lens of our little brain, and the traditions of our group, and see all persons through the Eye of Spirit."

Sep 9, 2009

Aspiration in Spiritual Practice
Transcendng-Integrating in Awareness
Saying For Today: "We come to know Sacredness more fully, not as object, but as Being, as Isness is-ing. "

Sep 8, 2009

The Shadow in Meditation
Integrating Energies
Saying For Today: "Confession and penance is, at a more subtle level than these outward rites, this very process of integrating the shadow."

Sep 7, 2009

What We Are, Together
An Impractical, Inherent Worth
Saying For Today: "Each Self is the personal, particular expression of everyone, of God."

Sep 6, 2009

A Humble Soul
The Power and Unreasonableness of Pride
Saying For Today: "Pride is inordinate love for oneself."

Sep 5, 2009

Awareness, Awareness, Awareness
Awake to the Sacred
Saying For Today: "Awareness spiritually is an openness and spontaneous intuition of the Sacredness of life."

Sep 4, 2009

The Invitation of Scriptures
The Evocative Nature of Sacred Texts
Saying For Today: "Even as God has many Faces, the Word can come to us in many ways, through many scriptures, and outside words. "

Sep 3, 2009

Spirit Unfolding In and With You
A Spirituality of Transformation
Saying For Today: "Then, the spiritual Path is the unfolding of what already is, has always been, will always be, in this moment of present awareness."

Sep 2, 2009

Blessed the Misfits in the Church
Fugitives in the Church
Saying For Today: "Possibly one lesson from the Life of Jesus is God has no priority on appearing right, true, or traditional to the Church, a religious sect, or anyone."

Sep 1, 2009

The Warmth of Spiritual Fellowship
The Church in Process
Saying For Today: "What we say we believe about being the Church is not nearly as important as how we act to keep forming ourselves as the Church, the mystical Body of Christ in deepening intimacy."

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