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September 2007

Sep 29, 2007

A Natural Love
Being Lovable and Loved
Saying For Today: "Regardless of how efficient I am in proving myself a success, as defined by a majority themselves seeking to prove by what they do that they are lovable, my very efficiency itself is evasion of the reality of my being lovable as a graced gift of natural createdness."

Sep 28, 2007

The Highest Good
Lifted Above the Self
Saying For Today: "I aspire to the highest good, for every soul finds its rest and home only there. I pray for grace to be led to that good, even though I may not know the way by which I am being led to it. "

Sep 27, 2007

Arguments And Serving Christ
Being Attractive For Christ
Saying For Today: "If I belong to Christ first, I discover, progressively, what it means to belong to everyone in Christ. "

Sep 26, 2007

Living Our Consecration
Identity and Particularity
Saying For Today: "This is why I must, in all my embodied particularity and, yes, oddity, get up in the mornings and rest in God through spiritual reading and meditation."

Sep 24, 2007

An Intrusive Presence
Disenchantment as Divine Visitation
Saying For Today: "If the Divine One is disturbing us, intruding into our lives, there is a reason for it. Humbleness to wait prayerfully before God is the context for clarity regarding the felt-sense of inner disturbance."

Sep 21, 2007

A Falcon Assumed To Be A Pigeon
Experience and Tradition
Saying For Today: "While tradition, with its ideas and rites, can be a helpful and powerful indicator, it cannot be a definer."

Sep 20, 2007

The Christian Spirit And Work
Obedience As Spiritual Practice
Saying For Today: "In the most menial or disliked tasks, we can do the work as though we are offering it to Christ alone and seeking to please the Divine. "

Sep 19, 2007

All Things For Good
Taking on the Likeness of Christ
Saying For Today: "As I become more like Christ, I fit more God's wise design for my life, a pattern fitted to my particular being and true to the essence of my individual soul."

Sep 17, 2007

Endurance and Joy
Receiving a Glorious Power
Saying For Today: "Possibly, we have to be thrown against the limitations of our own inner resources repeatedly, until we learn more willingly and readily to admit we need Godís Grace and to trust the Spirit of Christ to enable us inwardly not only to endure but to rejoice. "

Sep 15, 2007

The Challenge of Community
Living Among Those Who Irk Us
Saying For Today: "Community is blessed by its differences, and the same cause of blessing can turn into a curse. "

Sep 14, 2007

A Natural Holiness
Everyday Sainthood
Saying For Today: "Saints are persons growing into a holiness that is the fulfillment of the love God has for them and their longing to return that love to God. "

Sep 14, 2007

Praying in the Spirit
Mindful and Prayerful Living
Saying For Today: "This inner disposition of prayer is the spirit out of which our prayers can arise throughout the day and night. "

Sep 13, 2007

The One Focus
Living from the Grace at the Center
Saying For Today: "All else in my life is enriched by my returning and living from the inspiration of Grace at the Center."

Sep 12, 2007

Living Within Our Limits
A Gracious and Contented Way
Saying For Today: "When I humbly, gratefully accept the limits and opportunities of my human existence, as God has blessed me by nature and grace, I can live among others more relaxed and joyful, more peaceful and optimistic."

Sep 11, 2007

Where Dwells a Mighty Tree
The Vision of Faith
Saying For Today: "The vision of faith expands based on what we grow to trust God can do with the simple, minimal resources at our disposal."

Sep 10, 2007

Beyond Your Emotional Struggle
Speaking Grace to the Other
Saying For Today: "Our words are energies. With them, by speaking or writing, we can relieve our own emotional struggle through the energy of affirming encouragement and edification of the other."

Sep 6, 2007

Spiritual Leadership
The Seeing Leading Others in Seeing
Saying For Today: "Spiritual leading, essentially, is not about sharing spiritual information. Spiritual guidance is about being a means of the energy of Spirit to touch the other."

Sep 5, 2007

Truth Claims and Spiritual Discernment
Reason, Heart, and Open-Eyes Faith
Saying For Today: "The heart, as the center of feeling and intuition, when cut off from the wisdom and intelligence of mind, can as easily misled us as the mind, when cut off from the heart."

Sep 3, 2007

The Seeing of the Heart
On Spiritual Perception
Saying For Today: "The Beatific Vision is the fullness of a vision that begins in this life."

Sep 2, 2007

The Voice of Blessing
Knowing You're a Loved One
Saying For Today: "Though I had accomplished much and had many persons to bless me, I still felt unblessed. I yearned for the Voice within. "

Sep 1, 2007

Wedding Inspiration
Moving from Summons to Obedience
Saying For Today: "The entire life of the spiritual Christian is responsive to divine inspiration working inwardly on the heart, the heart in Christian spirituality being the center of loving and willing."

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