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Path of Spirit

September 2005

Sep 27, 2005

Truth as Relational
Knowing and Being Known
Saying For Today: "Put simply, we cannot be faithful to Truth, or Truth-Full, alone, apart from spiritual community."

Sep 26, 2005

Onward to Relational Intimacy
Leaving Less-Wild Lovers
Saying For Today: "At some point on our Christian journey, we all stand at the edge of those geographies where our heart has been satisfied by less-wild others, whether they be those of competence and order or those of indulgence."

Sep 25, 2005

Growing into the Fullness of Christ
Biotic Growth in Spiritual Formation
Saying For Today: "Spiritual formation is an organic, biotic process of growth, animated by the Life Force."

Sep 24, 2005

Matters of Spirit
Purpose and Meaning in the Spiritual Journey
Saying For Today: "That is really the purpose of religion. Religion, in a sense, provides a trick on the ego self. Religion allows us to get close enough to Spirit that our resistance and selfishness is transformed, through Grace, into surrender and service."

Sep 23, 2005

Abstinence in the Christian Life
The Love That Constrains
Saying For Today: "In a culture in which most assume indulgence is a political right, abstinence is an important spiritual discipline. "

Sep 22, 2005

Energy, God, and the Spiritual Life
God as Energizing
Saying For Today: "God is Original Cause, Originating Cause."

Sep 21, 2005

Crisis of Limitation and Simplification
From Practices to Presence
Saying For Today: "The progressive limitation … is nothing other than a moving from reliance on our devotional practices, religious ideas, and good intents to the sufficiency of God Himself, God Herself. "

Sep 20, 2005

Message, Messenger, Reception
Interpretation in Community
Saying For Today: "Essential to interpretation of Scripture and of revelation, generally, is humility."

Sep 19, 2005

A Web of Togetherness
On Oneness and Accountability
Saying For Today: "By virtue of our being Person, a sacred manifestation of the Spirit of Life, we are one with all persons. "

Sep 18, 2005

Containing and Transcending All Divisions
Unity Formed In Us
Saying For Today: "Rather, Christ becomes the Word in Whom particulars find their unifying truth in Love. "

Sep 17, 2005

One Voice Above All Other Voices
Saying For Today: "Often we are most prepared and ready to listen to the Holy Spirit after all other voices have failed to clarify for us a direction to take and peace to take it."

Sep 16, 2005

The Interior Life
Blessings from the Christ Within
Saying For Today: "The Practice of the Presence of God is not thinking of God all the time; rather, such is awareness that our lives are oriented to and proceed from the Presence of God, moment-by-moment, eternally. "

Sep 15, 2005

Synergy in Community
On Spiritual Revitalization
Saying For Today: "What we want for persons and groups is vitality, not functionality; what we want is renewal, not simply repeating the past. "

Sep 14, 2005

What Life Ultimately Consists Of
The Effulgence of Love
Saying For Today: "Ultimately, our lives do not consist in what we think but how much we love. "

Sep 13, 2005

Silence and Reputation
Resigning to God How We Appear to Others
Saying For Today: "Silence is a resounding affirmation that in our passive, loving openness to the Spirit, Love is ever-present and affirming our beauty and goodness in the eyes of the Beloved One. "

Sep 12, 2005

Training To Godliness
The Profit of Spiritual Exercise
Saying For Today: "Then, we wonder why so many of the churches are declining and many outside the churches have no attraction to a “soft and flabby” religiousness? "

Sep 11, 2005

Stirring Up and Encouraging
The Purpose of Covenant Groups
Saying For Today: "A close spiritual community functions in the same capacity as the holy Spirit in individual lives. "

Sep 9, 2005

An Agape Atmosphere
Sowing Seeds, Harvesting Peace
Saying For Today: "Therefore, to have true communion in community, to thrive in an “agape atmosphere,” we live from the peaceable heart, not from the outer expectations of those around us. "

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