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Path of Spirit

August 2021

Aug 30, 2021

Many Songs & One Music
Seeing to create heaven among us
Saying For Today: "If we honor only the songs, we get caught in diversity. If we honor only the music, we get caught in oneness. The Middle Way entails holding in balance diversity and oneness, for each is in the other."

Aug 29, 2021

Deep Looking
Reverencing the Other
Saying For Today: "We are lamps lit with the same Light, whatever we call that Light."

Aug 27, 2021

You And Insight Arising Together
Becoming that You Wish to See
Saying For Today: "We are the one we are returning to in our love for truth."

Aug 26, 2021

Seeing What We Already See
Saying For Today: "These persons choose to see well, remaining open to see differently. They love wisdom, refusing to sacrifice it to ideological idols. They have fallen in love with the Sun. Understanding is beautiful to them."

Aug 25, 2021

The Way to See
On Clear Vision
Saying For Today: "As no one can see with her eyes for you, no one can see the truth for you. Either you see, or you do not see. Truth is not up for adoption. You cannot adopt truth from anyone. And truth is not a pass-me-down, like a family heirloom. Truth is ever-fresh, not a left-over from the past."

Aug 24, 2021

Jewels in the Garbage
Devotion to the Truth
Saying For Today: "The one who speaks the truth cannot fully live the truth. If one could fully live the truth, it would not be the truth."

Aug 23, 2021

An Effortless Ease
The Welcoming of Peace
Saying For Today: "Your being effortless ease is more important than trying to bring calm or consolation into a situation by doing or saying something."

Aug 22, 2021

I Into We
The Wisdom of Self-Demotion
Saying For Today: "Spirituality is not about impressing others or proving you are superior to anyone; it is about enjoying being one with others, which is to say, loving others and being loved by them."

Aug 20, 2021

Choosing the Depth
Perseverance and the Way
Saying For Today: "The more important matter in spiritual practice is not the practices you choose but consistency in your practice."

Aug 18, 2021

Tasting God
The Space between Yes and No

Aug 17, 2021

Thankfulness and One and Many
Gratitude as Spirit and Expression
Saying For Today: "Yet, as long as we nurture the seeds of gratitude for those whom we meet along the Way, we are alive and will remain so - indeed."

Aug 16, 2021

A True Work
On Right Livelihood
Saying For Today: "And the reasoning may lead us beyond work as right or wrong to a more compassionate way of living, a life more beneficial to the common good."

Aug 15, 2021

Love... a Lifetime and More
An Unforgotten Love

Aug 14, 2021

Going While Not Leaving Home
A Companion Presence

Aug 13, 2021

Meritless Tranquility
Oneness of Deed and Doer

Aug 12, 2021

Living between For and Against
Peace from the Center
Saying For Today: "Returning to the Center, the heart, for and against melt in the Fire of Love."

Aug 9, 2021

When God Shows Up
Saying For Today: "We need to be awake spiritually not to miss when God shows up, and God is always showing up."

Aug 6, 2021

A Woman with Dyed Orange Hair
There Go I
Saying For Today: "If we do this and work to align with our own deepest self, we arrive at an impromptu seeing of the deepest self of the other. This self is our self. Hence, the right view of the other arises not from the mind but the heart."

Aug 5, 2021

Meeting God in Either Direction
Feeling the Light
Saying For Today: "There is nowhere to meet God, yet you meet God."

Aug 4, 2021

Opening and Openings
Going Forward Together
Saying For Today: "We are living as an open door. Life becomes revelation."

Aug 4, 2021

The Realness We Are
A Belonging Among Us

Aug 3, 2021

Welcoming the Strange
Saying For Today: "We find, in being reconciled to the others whom we had excluded for their apparent strangeness, we are reconciled to our Source and our true self."

Aug 2, 2021

The Life that is Enough
Saying For Today: "She sees that the cravings that dominate so many are borne of a silent desperation for more than an egg-and-sperm existence."

Aug 1, 2021

Grace... Accepting the Acceptance
Saying For Today: "In grace - an internal, intangible gift -, one is always and already accepted. By the same grace, one can relax self-effort and accept the acceptance."

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