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Path of Spirit

August 2019

Aug 31, 2019

Forgiveness ~ Naturally arising
Saying For Today: "Allow Love to love the sense of hurt. Healing arises, do not try to force this, for that of Grace arises naturally through relaxing in trust. In Grace, forgiveness is not a struggle, is graceful."

Aug 30, 2019

the living corpse
life in the kitchen sink
Saying For Today: "So, life as experienced by the wise ones may not be very appealing to the ego, for the ego wants something spectacular, dishes in water in a kitchen sink does not sound appealing enough for the ego which wants to experience life as otherworldly, fascinating, captivating, and, yes, mystical."

Aug 29, 2019

Confusion & Clarity
to & beyond the threshold of Truth
Saying For Today: "Confusion is an invitation to listen from the heart, or true Self, not the ego, or sense of person."

Aug 28, 2019

Heaven & Hell & Time ~ before before & after
Saying For Today: "The idea of endless duration is an idea, even as the idea of life having a beginning is an idea. When you see a clock and think "11 o'clock," you have absolutely thought nothing, what you have thought is, again, a superimposition on Reality."

Aug 27, 2019

the Natural Perfection
on altered states of Consciousness

Aug 26, 2019

Raindrops falling on a tin roof...
sagacious pointers from an anonymous sage
Saying For Today: "splash... splash... splash..."

Aug 25, 2019

To Whom do I pray?
Silence & spontaneous prayer
Saying For Today: "Essentially, the whom you pray to is the whom you pray from."

Aug 24, 2019

direct knowing of the Mystery
the way to before I
Saying For Today: "I prefer simply to inspire others to love God as they best understand God, and honor the Beloved in every being. Why talk about what cannot be talked?"

Aug 23, 2019

Love ~ the great Unknown
Saying For Today: "The self is all surface, this love is all depth. This love is the depth, the depth of depths."

Aug 22, 2019

the Way of Devotion ~ Love discovering Love
Saying For Today: "The mind differentiates, Love unites."

Aug 21, 2019

Is God a Concept? ~ That beyond this or that
Saying For Today: "The Supreme Being can only be known as a non-thought, even as you can only be known by another or yourself as a non-thought. What persons call "God" is the ultimate Non-Thought. "

Aug 20, 2019

Falling into the Well ~ the illusion of Enlightenment
no one to ask & no question to ask
Saying For Today: "To be Buddha is to realize you cannot be a Buddhist, have never been a Buddhist. To be Christ, one realizes he or she cannot be a Christian, never has been one. Buddha can only be Buddha, Christ only Christ. Why would Buddha need to be a Buddhist? Why Christ be a Christian?"

Aug 19, 2019

awakened craziness
this wild loving
Saying For Today: "This loving, sane eccentricity can only arise from the Heart, for the Heart can express equally everywhere, for it belongs nowhere. No one can capture the Heart. When you are holy crazy, no one can control you. Yet, you are not merely stubborn. You are profoundly loving. You are the captive of Grace."

Aug 18, 2019

Giving & Receiving ~ Prasad for the Beloved
Saying For Today: "There is no separation between what you give and yourself, it is a wholly-giving. You are putting yourself in the mouth of Grace, saying, 'Consume me in Yourself.' ... This is wonderfully crazy, a beautiful craziness, a wild loving. There is a wise recklessness about this, in which is really no risk at all."

Aug 17, 2019

humor ~ the light touch
frivolousness & appreciation & amazement
Saying For Today: "Are we listening? Can we hear the cry of Creation? This cry is our cry, for we are Creation, a seamless whole with all else, a holiness that is true Wholiness."

Aug 16, 2019

Prayer & Wholeheartedness
a fierce tenderness
Saying For Today: "Prayer is like living on the edge of a razor, yet you find you can move about there, as long as you remain humorously serious. Yet, if you become frivolous, rather than humorous, you could be cut in two, mercilessly."

Aug 15, 2019

Simple... simple as a sigh
the Way of prayer
Saying For Today: "So, remember this simple maxim: Keep it simple, simple as a sigh."

Aug 14, 2019

Love blossoms endlessly
your paradise awaits
Saying For Today: "We are created for paradise. We long for paradise, then the journey shifts from seeking paradise to exploring paradise."

Aug 13, 2019

Thought & Thinking & Unspeakable
seeing a tree as just tree
Saying For Today: "By this, I mean relax and let the flow proceed, do not push away from yourself or pull to yourself. Life moves, you too with It, for you are Life."

Aug 12, 2019

The Search ~ entering on the knees
Saying For Today: "No one is welcomed into the most Holy except one who enters on his or her knees."

Aug 11, 2019

the One of oneness
beyond the experience of Truth
Saying For Today: "God seems to like to dance a lot, and who wants to dance alone?"

Aug 9, 2019

The Way of blossoming
Grace opens to Grace

Aug 8, 2019

Invitational Presence
Saying For Today: "One can feel very close to others in solitude, while very alone in the midst of many."

Aug 7, 2019

Intimacy ~ Self, God, Every Self
depth to depth
Saying For Today: "The path leads to neither inside nor outside. Intimacy is too intimate to be located like that. "

Aug 6, 2019

Loneliness & Solitude & Being-in-Love
Saying For Today: "We know most deeply being-in-Love by knowing deeply our solitude. We are each potentially awake to we ourselves Being-being-in-Love."

Aug 5, 2019

the inner Teacher
teacher and teaching as means of Grace
Saying For Today: "Words are a means that Truth seduces you to Itself, a way Truth elicits from you a response. Truth can seduce you through a myriad other means, as well."

Aug 4, 2019

The path ~ grace and graces
the ever-fresh life
Saying For Today: "A getter ends up being a gotten. Getting arising from a subtle to gross aggression, of acquisition. The path is a path that gives, you are a receiver."

Aug 3, 2019

Looking a little crazy
the wisdom of a foolishness
Saying For Today: "And that is how you can hold an inward posture in all things, in formal practice and mundane life, that is, a humble dignity, a sane pride that you are living with all beings, that you are not apart or alone, and you are engaging life with courage, not shame that you are a human being like other human beings."

Aug 2, 2019

Ground & ground
the Dance that includes all
Saying For Today: "Consistent peace arises only in recognition of and acceptance that you are."

Aug 1, 2019

Love's Integration ~ the Harmony we long for
Life beyond suffering and pleasure
Saying For Today: "Know this, for sure, the person never integrates, for the person cannot integrate. The sense of person is a locale for suffering, for disharmony. Only Love integrates, for Love is Harmony Itself."

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