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Path of Spirit

August 2016

Aug 30, 2016

Spaciousness Like Sky
Open in All Directions

Aug 29, 2016

Falling into the World
The Shape of Compassion

Aug 28, 2016

The 'Useless' Silence
Connection to Connection

Aug 20, 2016

This Life Secretly Concealed
Into the Wind

Aug 16, 2016

Heart Opening
So To Be Love

Aug 14, 2016

Remember the Rose
Your You-ness Blesses
Saying For Today: "I think many of us come to know the beauty of who we are through the love others give us. They remind us we, too, are a Temple walking around on this Earth. We need to be loved, to call us back Home."

Aug 12, 2016

Obscurity & Love & Communion
Falling into this Embrace

Aug 6, 2016

Intimacy with the Ordinary
Spirituality as Everyday Eroticism

Aug 3, 2016

This Pure & Joyful Inclusivity
Witness of the Grace of Love Itself
Saying For Today: "In consent to Love by Love, the fecund Emptiness is, amazingly, found to be boundless Love, the Nothingness, to be the fount of Life."

Aug 2, 2016

This Pure Inclusivity

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