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Path of Spirit

August 2007

Aug 31, 2007

Prioritizing the Spiritual
Being Spiritually Foolish
Saying For Today: "Go deeply, then, into God. Seek all the Word offers you. Do not fear the slander of those who shun the depths. Do not remain silent to guard against confusing those who cling to the flesh of words."

Aug 30, 2007

An Ultimate Dependence
The Way to Fullness of Life
Saying For Today: "Love, Who is God, seeks participation with us, while we are created to find final meaning in dependence on God."

Aug 29, 2007

The Passions Within
Spiritual Practice as Nourishing Desires
Saying For Today: "The only way to a beautiful and graceful holiness is the enactment of spiritual means of grace, whereby we participate with Grace~which is God~, in increasing the good within us and decreasing all else."

Aug 28, 2007

A Taste for the Holy
Solitude as Spiritual Practice
Saying For Today: "And we cannot expect to have inner peace and awareness of the inward Life if we are drowned in grumblings and gripes of persons of mediocre mind."

Aug 24, 2007

Staying In Higher Air
Effort and the Devotional Life
Saying For Today: "If I am effortful in my devotions, then, I am working against the Spirit, the Wind. I only need to put forth enough effort to ease into the Wind and let the Wind carry me. "

Aug 23, 2007

Living from the Center
Tethered to Christ
Saying For Today: "When I live from the center, I do not have to try to be harmony, I with ease and gracefulness manifests unselfconsciously the traits by which I know you to be the good, true, and beautiful."

Aug 22, 2007

A Beloved
Feeling and Affirming Belovedness
Saying For Today: "Deeply, though, you are teaching me that I am privileged not only to know that you spoke your love upon the Beloved, but that I, too, can feel deeply and affirm trustingly that I am your beloved."

Aug 21, 2007

The Truly Alive Human
The Freedom of Spiritual Detachment
Saying For Today: "I find there must be a creative joining together within myself, as a fully human man, of the dignity of the human spirit and the grandeur of the divine spirit."

Aug 19, 2007

The Placement of the Heart
Examining Where the Heart Is
Saying For Today: "The struggle to follow Christ's summons may arise not from lack of courage or ability but of proper placement of my affections and will. "

Aug 18, 2007

Freed from the Past, Freed for the Present
Saying For Today: "Living in regret is a selfish refusal of the freedom that liberates us truly to love God, others, and ourselves in the present."

Aug 17, 2007

Up Reaching and Out Reaching
Eros and Agape, One Love
Saying For Today: "This blending of the active life of service to others and union with God is a great gift the Church offers the world."

Aug 16, 2007

A But That Changes Everything
Going Where Truth Leads
Saying For Today: "This amazing Word removes the fetters of religion that had defined God within one religion and one way."

Aug 15, 2007

Focusing Our Affections
The Everyday Difference Christ Makes
Saying For Today: "We must experience a taming and conversion of our affections. "

Aug 14, 2007

Divine Fullness in Inward and Outward
The Way of Contemplative Ease
Saying For Today: "All realities are openings in the one God-fabric. Each aspect of Nature is an invitation to become aware of being face-to-face with the Living, Universal Word of Life."

Aug 13, 2007

Sanctifying Christ in the Heart
The Ultimate Sacred Space

Aug 12, 2007

Christ Like Everyone
Come All!
Saying For Today: "Christ reached out to the masses cut off from God by the religion that claimed God as its own, and he opened up encounter with the Holy again. "

Aug 11, 2007

From Success to Faithfulness
Work as Consecration
Saying For Today: "If we see our work as belonging to Christ, we can live beyond the repeated intrusions of frustration and discouragement. "

Aug 10, 2007

Longing for the Sacred
Shaping an Inner Space for Fulfillment
Saying For Today: "We are candles lit by the Light of the Sun. Pride dissipates in the brightness of the Seeing."

Aug 9, 2007

A Living Exchange
Experience of Truth-Energy
Saying For Today: "We speak of truth as freeing, and it is. But Truth as spiritual is powerful and upsetting to the status quo."

Aug 8, 2007

Tasting the Wine
True Faith
Saying For Today: "To know Truth, you must taste it for yourself."

Aug 7, 2007

The Principle of Transcendence
The Spirit That Includes All
Saying For Today: "The radical message of the Gospel confronts us at each step that we meet someone or some group, and their inclusion means a disobedience to the cultural definitions of fit and unfit. "

Aug 5, 2007

Communion with Desire
The Meaning of Life
Saying For Today: "We need silence without, sometimes, and to carry silence within, always, like a portable sanctuary, to be able to live in communion with Desire. "

Aug 4, 2007

Following The Way
Spiritual Formation and Manifesting Christlikeness
Saying For Today: "This escapist reduction of The Way has fostered generations of confessing Christians who are little more than members of the church club and following a map handed to them, not practitioners of The Way being transformed into the very image of Christ Jesus."

Aug 3, 2007

True Identity
Authentic and Powerful Being
Saying For Today: "Without a stubborn refusal to sacrifice and deny my true identity, authentic relationship is not possible."

Aug 2, 2007

Gazing Upon the Lover's Face
From Words to Wordless Longing
Saying For Today: "Through human eyes we gaze upon the Face behind the lover's face. God, through the beloved's eyes, looks into us. And we look, together, into God. "

Aug 1, 2007

Living in the Times
Contemplative Quality of Faith and Presence
Saying For Today: "The contemplative offers the gift of her living the spirit of kairos within a community of persons embedded in chronos. "

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