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Path of Spirit

August 2005

Aug 31, 2005

A Work Complete, Already, Not Yet
Contemplative Evangelicalism
Saying For Today: "All things “in God” are already reconciled to Love by Love. "

Aug 30, 2005

Trinitarian Presence
Being Trinitarian, Not Just Believing Trinitarian
Saying For Today: "Again, the ideology of the Trinity cannot provide the essential basis for religious communion, and conformity will masquerade as communion. Rather, communion can always embrace diversity in a greater inclusion than conformity, when the communion is Trinitarian. "

Aug 29, 2005

Prayer and the Universe
The Infinite Energies of Love
Saying For Today: "Prayer is an active, intense, and intimate relationship with the universe in relationship with the Trinitarian Presence."

Aug 28, 2005

An Unconfined Life
Beyond Religious Normality
Saying For Today: "These persons will always struggle, it seems, to be at home in institutional systems that define boundaries to the Divine. "

Aug 27, 2005

A Conversational Communion
“Hearing God”
Saying For Today: "Spiritual discernment is not an extra to your life, but discernment arises from the concrete details of life."

Aug 26, 2005

Being Channels of Conveyance
Image of God and Natural Obedience
Saying For Today: "Whenever we are open and receptive to God and, thereby, the Spirit is flowing through us, we are being the Image of God. "

Aug 25, 2005

Yes And Yes
Salvation Seen From The End
Saying For Today: "Whatever yes any human or people gives to Grace is reply to a prior yes."

Aug 24, 2005

Contemplation and the Royal Law
A Fasting More Needed
Saying For Today: "Therefore, the wisdom of contemplation addresses the deep, subtle ways in which we use religion and our felt-need to be good as means through which we do what we want and in doing so claim we are being righteous thereby."

Aug 23, 2005

Not Consumer Christianity
Saying For Today: "Drive-through religion is a mode of the day, and we may find it hard to believe that the Spirit is not in the big hurry that we might be in. "

Aug 22, 2005

Freedom Shaped Moment-to-Moment
The Creative Tension of Faith Community
Saying For Today: "Simply put, there is no Christian life apart from being in a community in which the spirit of Jesus Christ is among those living and serving in his name."

Aug 21, 2005

From the Heart
The Inner Work of Transformation
Saying For Today: "From … the heart, the center of memory, will, imagination, and affection, we live. "

Aug 20, 2005

The Larger Body
The Universe and God
Saying For Today: "We Christians can celebrate the full Body of God."

Aug 19, 2005

Blessed Eyes and Ears
The Mysterion
Saying For Today: "Still, we will never be content closing down on this process of emergent growth, for the “kingdom of God” represents that within us that yearns to know God as completely as God knows us. "

Aug 18, 2005

Equal Access
The Unifying Vision of Christ
Saying For Today: "As we draw nearer to Spirit and are transformed into the likeness of Christ, we think and act more in accord with the inclusive, universal Christ."

Aug 17, 2005

Soaring Beyond
A Subject-to-Subject Relationship With God
Saying For Today: "In this pure faith one experiences a being with God of subject- to-subject, mutual attraction, and a reciprocal participation which goes beyond the general subject-object relationship of popular religion. "

Aug 16, 2005

Loving Our Nothingness
Limitation and Spirituality
Saying For Today: "In essence, nothingness is a reminder that we are not God and do not need to feel guilty or apologize that we are not God. "

Aug 15, 2005

Love and Being Human
One Ecology of Persons
Saying For Today: "The teaching on Love arises from Reality, as do all the universal principles in varied traditions. "

Aug 14, 2005

A Second Ignorance
On Sacramentum and Res
Saying For Today: "To deny the reality of res, or reality, by logical argument is like an acorn explaining away the oak tree simply because the acorn has not yet experienced itself as an oak tree. "

Aug 12, 2005

Faith-Full Thinking
Transformation of Thought
Saying For Today: "Through spiritual formation, including positive affirmation, visualization, energy work, and meditation … we can become more positively thinking and, consequently, positively living persons. "

Aug 10, 2005

Living the Mystery of Our Baptism
A Most Adventurous Way
Saying For Today: "Amazingly, the adventure increases over time, as we are prepared to welcome and receive more of the Divine Principle of Vivifying and Recreating Love. "

Aug 9, 2005

Living Your Uniqueness
The Terrain of Our Lives
Saying For Today: "Persons who are best able to benefit community are in touch with and appreciative of their individual uniqueness. "

Aug 8, 2005

Prayer Preparing
The Transformation of Prayer-As-Relationship
Saying For Today: "Prayer is not meant to be just a rational imparting of information from the one praying to the Spirit. "

Aug 7, 2005

Outflow of Love
Living Humanly and Loving Well
Saying For Today: "And, the more I am in love with, loving, and being loved by this Christ, then, the more I will love others. "

Aug 6, 2005

The Prayer of Passive Love
The Action of the Spirit Within
Saying For Today: "This is a resting in Love, even while we cannot grasp the content of ways of Grace working deep in mind and heart, transforming the will spontaneously to respond to the wooing of the Inner Christ, even when the response is simply to be. "

Aug 5, 2005

Meeting God
The Joy Of Discovering God In The World
Saying For Today: "Did you meet God today?"

Aug 4, 2005

Walking the Path Before Me
A Prayer of Trust
Saying For Today: "May I trust, not that the way will be clear, but, give me true faith to befriend the dark. "

Aug 3, 2005

Leaving God for GOD
Beyond Religious Notions
Saying For Today: "Faith is best expressed when one has mustered enough faith to believe only in GOD, GOD beyond every notion, even the notions most revered among the religions."

Aug 1, 2005

Splash in the Face
Language, Image, and Intimacy
Saying For Today: "The intent of the Christian faith is to draw us into an intimate relationship with the God everywhere, a God whom we cannot get away from, but that we are called to recognize and surrender to in Love. "

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