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Path of Spirit

July 2022

Jul 30, 2022

A Love No One Can Feel
The Ecstatic Union

Jul 26, 2022

Dancing on Eyelids
The Ecstasy of Love

Jul 25, 2022

The Embrace
A Heartfelt Devotion

Jul 24, 2022

A True Face
The Way of Remembering
Saying For Today: "Trying to be a criminal or a saint are both diversions from that we are."

Jul 22, 2022

Ceasing the Scratching
Working with Feelings
Saying For Today: "If we keep hugging the thorn bush, we never stop bleeding."

Jul 17, 2022

Frequenting Desert Places... Thoughts on Solitude
Saying For Today: "By centering somewhere, a specific space, we come to see the Center everywhere."

Jul 16, 2022

A Love Outpoured

Jul 14, 2022

The Primary Text
Sacred Writings & Spiritual Formation

Jul 11, 2022

A Secret Work
Something is happening

Jul 9, 2022

Truth Only Given
On Subtle Wisdom

Jul 6, 2022

One Moon Everywhere
The Wisdom of Chiyono & Nyozen

Jul 2, 2022

Tenderness... Sitting with our soft spot

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