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Path of Spirit

July 2006

Jul 31, 2006

A Wink and Smile from St. Teresa
Joy Inexpressible and Glory Filled
Saying For Today: "I think Spirit was letting me know that St. Teresa, with all the good she did and the hardships she endured, knew the joy of Spirit, the joy God is invited me to receive daily. "

Jul 30, 2006

The Divine Inebriation
God and You, Lovers
Saying For Today: "Love, then, is entering into the kenosis of God, meeting God in that kenosis, and God and you Loving. "

Jul 29, 2006

The Inner Meaning
Experiencing the Third Knowledge
Saying For Today: "Without mysticism, the churches cut themselves off from the depth of the Divine and live only amid the apparent contradictions of the phenomenal and mental spheres."

Jul 28, 2006

The Blessedly Oblivious Life
Consumed by Love Itself
Saying For Today: "The way to Joy is the path of forgetting the selfishness that needs to work for eternal gain or to avoid eternal loss. The way to Peace is to live from the motive of Love Itself."

Jul 27, 2006

Living the Deep Communion
Saying For Today: "Who was the I that I speak of experiencing that fellowship, that koinonia last evening. As I reflect, there was no I, there was only Communion. "

Jul 26, 2006

A Talking Head
Being Joined Together
Saying For Today: "There is a commitment, literally a being joined together, stronger than everything else. "

Jul 25, 2006

Master Hakuin and a Baby
Living Graciously
Saying For Today: "To be being born again means the dismantling of all identification with aspects of personality to see ourselves as we are seen in God and by God. "

Jul 24, 2006

Reciprocities in Prayer
Joining the Freedom of the Spirit
Saying For Today: "Spirit has an inner, natural logic. Spirit operates according to consistent principles. If we follow these principles, like the teaching of karma from the East and sowing and reaping in Christianity, we receive natural consequences of positive, helpful response."

Jul 23, 2006

The Freedom of the Spirit
Discerning the Spirit’s Presence and Operations
Saying For Today: "The contemplative life is a radical social orientation and relies on the Spirit, Who is radically social. "

Jul 22, 2006

Scripture and Sublime Contemplation
Spiritual Reading of Scripture
Saying For Today: "Some see with the eye of the spirit, interpreting the wisdom of the Word that pertains to the cosmic truth and wisdom, the direct experience of God. "

Jul 21, 2006

The Journey of Truth
Contemplation and Integration of Truth
Saying For Today: "She is fused with the meanings offered by nature and grace into a single, coherent, living Thought, which she witnesses in all the world and shining through the teachings of those outside her faith or among those with no confession of faith. And she sees this Truth glowing in Nature. "

Jul 20, 2006

Kenosis in Prayer
Seeing Anew and Clearly
Saying For Today: "You see, yes, but you see anew and clearly. You see so much more and better than those who claim to see. "

Jul 19, 2006

The Crossroads of the Spirit
Being Charismatic, or Pneumatic
Saying For Today: "A church is normally a Charismatic, or Pneumatic, organism. "

Jul 18, 2006

Letter or Spirit
A Choice to Live or Simply Exist
Saying For Today: "This person will be a person in whom the spiritual persons see clearly evidence of the presence of an odd life, that is, odd to those chewing on the letter. This spiritual man or woman will never sacrifice the Spirit of freedom to the letter of law and custom. "

Jul 17, 2006

The Seeds of the Word
Christ Among the World Traditions
Saying For Today: "There is a depth to the Word that flows under the surface of religion. There is a depth to the Word that made possible the Incarnation. "

Jul 16, 2006

Spirit and Human as Spiritual Leaders
Contemplation and Human Leadership
Saying For Today: "One cannot rightly follow the Inner Spirit while disrespecting sacral leadership in the spiritual communion. The Spirit as leader and human persons as spiritual leaders are not antithetical, they are complementary. "

Jul 15, 2006

Eschaton Gathering, In The Present
Beyond Religious Pride
Saying For Today: "Grace is antithetical to the prideful wish for preference from either God or human beings."

Jul 14, 2006

Turning the Other Way
The Way of No Harm
Saying For Today: "The person of Prayer, then, is nurturing a nonviolent means of surrender to Grace, the universal immediacy of Love. This leads us to become more accepting. We no longer feel we must win, have our way, or overcome the one we might see as the enemy. "

Jul 13, 2006

Welcoming One Another
Spreading Harmony
Saying For Today: "Christ Jesus provides the model and impetus for harmony in communion."

Jul 12, 2006

On Solitude
Lovemaking with the Divine
Saying For Today: "There is a marked experience of kenosis, or self-emptying, in the life of solitude. This is because solitude is the manifestation of a disowning of all things, even oneself. "

Jul 11, 2006

Signs of the Sun
Falling in Love with “Here” and “There”
Saying For Today: "The Divine flows through the Word; in that Word inheres every potential in its form of unity, before the manifestation of particularity in space and time. "

Jul 10, 2006

Two Classes of Confessing Christians
Religious Form or Christ of Love?
Saying For Today: "These have escaped attachment to form as the ultimate, seeing its relativity, and have fled to live and die with those who live in the Spirit. "

Jul 7, 2006

Godly Love
Saying For Today: "Agape transcends Christianity and, so, validates the Christian message of Incarnation; ... "

Jul 6, 2006

Logos Christology
The Specificity of Love
Saying For Today: "In Christ Jesus … the Eternal One chose to communicate more clearly and fully with creation. Scripture shows a Reality that moves from generality to specificity. "

Jul 5, 2006

The Authority-Obedience Principle
Order, Cosmology, and Ecclesiology
Saying For Today: "Individualism is errant practice, for it denies in practice the truth of the Trinity; thus, many churches, calling themselves orthodox, or biblical, are errant in that their attitudes toward authority are individualistic and deny a central Christian teaching of the Trinity. "

Jul 4, 2006

Speaking Rightly
On Consecrating the Tongue
Saying For Today: "Possibly, controlling our tongue, or using speech rightly, is the least mastered art among us humans."

Jul 3, 2006

Serving Truth
Beyond the Buffet of Ideologies
Saying For Today: "Truth, ultimately, is a personal encounter with a Living Reality. This Reality, by transcending personal and impersonal, can be ultimately Person, absolutely Personal. "

Jul 2, 2006

The Blessedly Oblivious Life
Consumed by Love Itself
Saying For Today: "The way to Joy is the path of forgetting the selfishness that needs to work for eternal gain or to avoid eternal loss. The way to Peace is to live from the motive of Love Itself. "

Jul 2, 2006

The Drowning Teacher
On Use of Scripture
Saying For Today: "Most of all never use Scripture as an excuse to act harmfully toward anyone or any group."

Jul 1, 2006

The Monk Who Sought His Beloved’s Presence
Effort and Surrender in the Spiritual Journey
Saying For Today: "We cannot manifest the Presence of Love; our part is to remain open to Love manifesting within, through, and to us. "

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