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July 2005

Jul 31, 2005

Living More in the Now
Saying For Today: "Awareness can only take place in one time, that time is the present."

Jul 30, 2005

The Heart Going Before
Desire and Will
Saying For Today: "Desire, often suspect in religious traditions, is a powerful motivator."

Jul 28, 2005

Embodied Spirit
Spiritual Formation and Unitive Wisdom
Saying For Today: "For the unitive energy of Christ joins that which no other energy can join; this energy reconciles the apparent opposites and, then, can hold them in an apparent tension without them falling apart. "

Jul 28, 2005

A Slower but Deeper Way
Saying For Today: "Life is, then, not just lived to see how much one can get done but how deeply one can live while getting things done. "

Jul 27, 2005

Imago Dei In Everyone
A Politics of Love
Saying For Today: "The Jesus I follow respected those cut-off and corded-off by the majority religionists. "

Jul 24, 2005

Hospitality and Dissidence
On Christian Community
Saying For Today: "Hospitality is about offering a safe place for dissidence. "

Jul 23, 2005

Being Prayer
On Stillness as Spiritual Practice
Saying For Today: "In stillness we receive; we reverence the freedom of the external world to be itself, fulfilling its purpose in the divine order of creation. "

Jul 22, 2005

On The Way
Three Spiritual Types
Saying For Today: "I assume that each person who has chosen to be on the Way is exactly where he or she needs to be at this moment."

Jul 21, 2005

What We Are
When Loving Yourself Is Not Selfish
Saying For Today: "Loving yourself is selfish only when trying to love the self that is not your true self. "

Jul 20, 2005

A Natural Spirituality
Praying, Eating, Sleeping, …
Saying For Today: "Spirituality is not some esoteric experience that marks one as enlightened or saved, while others are unspiritual."

Jul 19, 2005

A Talking Head
A Being Joined Together
Saying For Today: "Amazingly, Judas betraying Jesus did not sever the commitment and affection Jesus had for Judas. "

Jul 18, 2005

Open Minds
Integrity In Belief
Saying For Today: "Indeed, what we believe will determine to what extent we can be open-hearted and welcoming to others, especially those who appear to differ much with us."

Jul 16, 2005

The Barrier of “God”
Beyond “God” Shaped In Our Image
Saying For Today: "What you mean by 'God' can change for you over time. "

Jul 14, 2005

Heaven Now
The Beauty of Helping Persons, Here
Saying For Today: "To love, even a little with God’s love now, that to me is heaven now."

Jul 13, 2005

First Love
Heart to Heart
Saying For Today: "The whole life in Christ is a life of Love."

Jul 12, 2005

The Wellsprings of Life
Guarding the Heart
Saying For Today: "Choosing what we let into our being is of vital importance, for each is as a seed that can be part of a formation that will issue in words or actions."

Jul 11, 2005

Opening To More Of God
On Contemplation As Active Passivity
Saying For Today: "If you want more of God, seek God more wholly. "

Jul 10, 2005

Nonresistant Surrender
Working With, Not Against, Divine Providence
Saying For Today: "The process of nonresistant surrender and its consequences are natural, built into the dynamics of creation as reflecting the Will of God. "

Jul 9, 2005

The Prayer of Presence
Companioning With God
Saying For Today: "Learning to pray by being with God, in a mutual companioning relationship, is more important than trying to say something to God."

Jul 8, 2005

Everything Belongs
God Working All Things For Good
Saying For Today: "In the Christian worldview, everything belongs as part of the material out of which God is working for good in our lives and world."

Jul 7, 2005

Prayerful Being With Others
Conversion To All Others
Saying For Today: "Through such moments of prayerful being with others, I realize more deeply that I never meet a stranger. "

Jul 6, 2005

To Deeper Intimacy
Ever-More, Deeper Depth
Saying For Today: "Indeed, fortunate are you if you have the sensitivity to experience dissatisfaction as a sign of calling to deeper Intimacy."

Jul 5, 2005

The Way to Consolation
Leaning into Discomfort
Saying For Today: "Commitment comes before comfort. "

Jul 5, 2005


Jul 4, 2005

Emptied Out For Love
The Point of Surrender to True Love
Saying For Today: "Love in its purest expression breaks through at times, even before we are cleared for that Love to shine consistently through us. "

Jul 3, 2005

The Monk Who Had Everything
Simplicity and Space for Wonderment
Saying For Today: "We become, through simplicity, more attuned to the Heart of Gratitude, rejoicing in even the smallest daily gifts of Grace."

Jul 2, 2005

Simple, Childlike Trust
Taking the Rudder, Again
Saying For Today: "There is a mystery not only to the power of simple faith; there is a mystery to the life we each are given."

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