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Path of Spirit

June 2017

Jun 28, 2017

The Joy of Being Seen
Saying For Today: "And you might say, "What must I do to let this happen?" And I say, "Nothing." Does anything else in all Nature have to do to be what it is?"

Jun 25, 2017

Love Opens Love
A Poem Not To Understand
Saying For Today: "No more sanctuaries/Will block the Sun/Kissing my enraptured lips. "

Jun 23, 2017

This Love Beyond
Lost in Your Arms

Jun 17, 2017

Our Tender Heart
Merging with Dust
Saying For Today: "So, really, any tenderness of Heart is our Heart, the Heart. "

Jun 11, 2017

The Edifying Silence
Living from the Haven of Quietude
Saying For Today: "The Word is Self-Communicating Presence; no one can give the Word, the Word gives Itself."

Jun 4, 2017

Love & Craziness & Three Gates
Sharing the Connection
Saying For Today: "We never know the extension of influence from one loving thought or act. We do not need to know, we need to trust and act. "

Jun 3, 2017

Quietly Marinating in Grace
Spirituality and Rest
Saying For Today: "In this soaking in the bliss and quiet of Interiority, we become more intimate with ourselves and, find as consequence, we are more intimately open and receptive to others and life generally, in a gentle and calmly inviting way of Loving."

Jun 1, 2017

Joy Following Like a Shadow

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