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June 2011

Jun 30, 2011

That's Grace!
Not Knowing How, But (Video)

Jun 29, 2011

Compassionate Presence, Compassionate Action
A Healing Presence with Others (Video)

Jun 29, 2011

Faith and Embracing Lostness
Video by Arem Nahariim-Samadhi
Saying For Today: "When you're totally feeling lost, embrace it, and know it's going somewhere."

Jun 28, 2011

The Prayer of Love
Preparing for Grace
Saying For Today: "Spirit wants us to see and pray from an eternal perspective: through Divine eyes, a heart filled with True Love."

Jun 27, 2011

One Person Matters
A Devoted Work

Jun 26, 2011

An Open Door
Seeing Seeing NOW
Saying For Today: "Enlightenment is simply being conscious of a luminous, pervasive, and all-wise Reality ~ call this God, or whatever is respectful."

Jun 24, 2011

Constructing Your Temple
Life as Sacred Duty

Jun 22, 2011

The Flowing Life
Enjoyment of Life
Saying For Today: "The nature of G-D, of YourSelf, is Life. All sharing of Self, in G-D, is sharing Life, an invitation to others to enjoyment of Life."

Jun 20, 2011

Only Ten Letters
The Heart Leading the Way
Saying For Today: "The Purpose of Prayer is to move into the Silence, where G-D Alone Is."

Jun 19, 2011

Return to Paradise
The Simple and Present
Saying For Today: "This Simplicity is waiting to be seen and enjoyed, always."

Jun 18, 2011

One Love Only
Movements of Love
Saying For Today: "There is no point at which G-D Loving and her Loving is other than the same, one Love."

Jun 17, 2011

Your thisness in the Thisness
Manifesting of Oneness with Nature
Saying For Today: "Being Itself is expressing through our human uniqueness, thisness. Our flesh and mind is the Incarnation of G-D."

Jun 16, 2011

The Yoga of Selfless Action
Action as Spiritual Practice
Saying For Today: "You simply do action in the moment, present and thankful to be able to offer action as devotion to G-D and our True Self."

Jun 15, 2011

A Passive Loving
On the Contemplative Life
Saying For Today: "Now, one senses union with Love that is shared with others more through Silent Presence, through simple Being Itself, than previously."

Jun 14, 2011

The Innocent Self
Saying For Today: "You are Innocence."

Jun 13, 2011

Who You Are Already
You are THAT
Saying For Today: "Now, in this moment, the search is over, where it began - with You."

Jun 12, 2011

How To Become Truly Great
The Way of Humbleness

Jun 10, 2011

G-D Tasting
G-D Everywhere and Nowhere
Saying For Today: "Now, after years of seeking G-D outside, and years of seeking G-D inside - I see I am with G-D, and I AM THAT, and THAT IS I. "

Jun 10, 2011

Being Lost & Enjoying Silence
The Joy of Discovering YourSelf

Jun 9, 2011

Show Me GOD Please
No Way to GOD

Jun 8, 2011

Ladder to Heaven
A Shared Inspiration
Saying For Today: "I cannot know G-D without you. I can only know G-D with you."

Jun 8, 2011

No Way To G-D
Show Me G-D, Please

Jun 7, 2011

Awareness within Silence
No Alien Thoughts
Saying For Today: "The Silence provides space for thought to arise into Awareness, like clouds in an otherwise clear sky."

Jun 7, 2011

The Ladder to Heaven

Jun 6, 2011

No Time to Hurry
On Mindful Presence

Jun 4, 2011

A Shining Presence
Person to Presence
Saying For Today: "How shall I come to know who I am, if I cling to the assumption that I know who I am?"

Jun 3, 2011

That Of God That Is Everyone
A Practical Universalism
Saying For Today: "As I grow closer to the Heart of Love, I see persons differently; I see into them, rather than just looking at them. "

Jun 2, 2011

The Unity We Seek
Oneness Before Words
Saying For Today: "Harmony, then, arises from the Silence and returns to the Silence, like two lovers gazing at each other, loving without words."

Jun 1, 2011

The Loveliness of Life
A Sacred Inscrutability
Saying For Today: "This is, truly, the meaning of worship - simply to be, to enjoy, to look deeply and gratefully into the radiance and mystery of Life."

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