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June 2007

Jun 30, 2007

What a Love!
Awakened Inside Paradise
Saying For Today: "There you speak words carved out of native/love blooming from the Flower of Paradise ..."

Jun 29, 2007

Mortality and Forgiveness
Healing of Bitterness

Jun 28, 2007

Being Enheartened
Ministering Encouragement

Jun 27, 2007

Sincere Loving of God
Inter-Religious Devotion

Jun 26, 2007

Dyed Peacock, Sham Religionists
Authentic Spirituality

Jun 25, 2007

Inner Harmony
Willing, not Willful, Effort

Jun 23, 2007

A Unique Configuration
You Sufficient As God Made You
Saying For Today: "You show me that we humans are the most blessing to one another when we are true to whom you made us in our variety. You love us through our diversity. Our differences make us special."

Jun 22, 2007

Such Loveliness, As This
A Fortunate Fall
Saying For Today: "And so I did rest, and rest the more, in your arms/with mind asleep and Love awake in Love. "

Jun 21, 2007

A Wonderful Friendliness
On Divine Guidance
Saying For Today: "It is a wonderful friendliness with mystery, a hospitality to unknowing, that allows us to admit at the outset that we do not and need not know exactly what is going on or what lies ahead."

Jun 20, 2007

Spaciousness of Soul
The Fertile Emptiness
Saying For Today: "All this going on in the Inner Sanctuary of the Deepest Heart is not processed by my mind: I must know it by faith and receive it by grace. "

Jun 19, 2007

Chasing a Knapsack
Freedom From Possessing Possessions
Saying For Today: "If you want to know true, lasting joy, never let what you claim to possess to possess you."

Jun 18, 2007

Heart Shaped for the Mystery
A Mystical Faith
Saying For Today: "Truths substitute for Truth, and that is a poor substitute, for the heart is shaped for the Mystery."

Jun 15, 2007

Living Deeply, Living Intimately
Beyond Hectic and Crazed
Saying For Today: "Do I want to live insanely harried and hurried, drivin by outer schedule or led gently by inner Wisdom? "

Jun 14, 2007

Awake to the Sacred
Mindfulness as Prayer
Saying For Today: "My life is full in this moment, as full as I am open to receive it as gift. "

Jun 13, 2007

This one-in-One
No Success, No Failure
Saying For Today: "The True Self seeks only to be True, and social constructs of right and wrong, true and untrue, and success and failure are not priorities, except as they serve the Principles of faith, hope, and love."

Jun 12, 2007

Two, One and Only in Love
A Special Edition - Mystical Love Poem

Jun 12, 2007

True Joy
Beyond The Happiness Mentality
Saying For Today: "To be happy, you must flee displeasure. Ironically, this leads to a miserable, captivated, and self-absorbed life. "

Jun 11, 2007

Living The Evangelical Life
Christian Life As Experiment
Saying For Today: "Therefore, as a Christian, my only calling is to subsume all I am, all I aspire for, and all my relationships to Christ. I must trace my every longing in all these matters to their Source."

Jun 10, 2007

God in the Ordinary
A Special Ordinary Time Writing
Saying For Today: " If I am to experience You intimately, it must be usually within the ordinariness of my daily, very ordinary living."

Jun 10, 2007

Celebrating Our Sacramental Selves
Living With, Not Beside, Ourselves
Saying For Today: "To accept myself fully and celebrate all I am may be the greatest offering I can give back to God, as well as the most gracious gift I can give to those who live around me."

Jun 9, 2007

Sharing in Grace
Musing on the Way of Freedom
Saying For Today: "Grace, which is Flowing Love, is not about efficiency, functionality, or practicality. I learn faith is not about mastering a set of principles or propositions."

Jun 8, 2007

Marvin Gaye and Spiritual Life
Sacredness of Matter
Saying For Today: "To reject matter as inferior, when it is the Face of Spirit smiling at us in many wonderful and varied ways, is to deny the very act of Nature as an ongoing sacramental grace flowing from the being of One. "

Jun 5, 2007

Spiritual Surrender, Spiritual Love
Qualities of Spiritual Surrender
Saying For Today: "Constant surrender is the opening to this Love. Spiritual Love is surrender; surrender is Spiritual Love."

Jun 4, 2007

Daily Devotion
Nourishing Our Souls For Service
Saying For Today: "From the Center all the inner and outer resources flow to supply us with the innate virtues and material goods to birth Christ in the world."

Jun 3, 2007

Before the Fire Comes Down
Contemplation as Worship
Saying For Today: "Regardless of our talk about union with God, we remain the little and humbled ones in awe of Infinite Wisdom, Majesty, and Love. "

Jun 2, 2007

Contemplation and the Cross
The Path to Outrageous Love
Saying For Today: "Unless we can see God concealed in the fragility of our created world and love the God we see, our blindness remains and the world persists in darkness."

Jun 1, 2007

Subject in Subject
From Looking For to Being THAT
Saying For Today: "God cannot be an object for our sight or intelligence. God is only Subject, I AM."

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