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June 2005

Jun 30, 2005

Companioned Along the Way
With Us, Always
Saying For Today: "God is fully in both the sense of companionship and the sense of aloneness."

Jun 30, 2005

Biblical Response to Scorn [BEING EDITED]
Liturgical Counter-Move to Derision
Saying For Today: "The Psalms provide us the legitimate openning in communal liturgy and private devotion to avoid sanitized piety that is not fully honest before Divine Presence."

Jun 27, 2005

That Of God In Everyone
Grace In The World Village
Saying For Today: "As I grow closer to the Heart of Love, God, I 'see' persons differently; I 'see' into them, rather than just looking at them. "

Jun 26, 2005

Signs Everywhere
Providence and Prayer
Saying For Today: "Through prayer we participate in the divine alchemy whereby, if we are open, we will see the answers arriving in the ordinary events of everyday life. "

Jun 25, 2005

Singularity of Devotion
Focus and Spirituality
Saying For Today: "By focusing on a particular path of devotion, we learn the discipline of moving deeper, rather than skimming the surface of different paths."

Jun 23, 2005

The Prayer Of Love
The Transforming Power of Unselfish Prayer
Saying For Today: "Unselfish prayer, regardless of what we get or do not get, is transforming. "

Jun 22, 2005

The Standard of Jesus
What Begins With You, Now
Saying For Today: "Love transcends toleration in an embrace of compassion. Toleration alone is simply permissiveness. "

Jun 21, 2005

Pouring Forth, Pulling Back
The Pulsation In Relationships
Saying For Today: "Spirituality entails learning a deeper intimacy, within the paradox of pouring forth and pulling back. We do not have to criticize ourselves for this paradox or seek to resolve it. "

Jun 20, 2005

Going For The Green
On Commitment
Saying For Today: "We get to look at the past and present possibilities that remain untapped due to our protection of our personalities. We see how we have tried to find Love without offering enough of ourselves to receive the Love we longed for. "

Jun 19, 2005

Consecrating Experience
The Process of Translation
Saying For Today: "In this process of translating experience, we consecrate all experience to the honor and use of Love."

Jun 18, 2005

The Ultimate Search
Ground Beyond All Other Grounds
Saying For Today: "A person does not enter the spiritual search until she is ready to do so."

Jun 14, 2005

God and Religion
On True Holiness
Saying For Today: "Who is most holy? No one would know."

Jun 13, 2005

The Intent of the Contemplative Life
In, Not Of
Saying For Today: "The contemplative engages spiritual practice so that she might live fully in the world, while being fully not of the world. "

Jun 12, 2005

Beyond The Tyranny of Motion
Right Action, Right Nonaction
Saying For Today: "There is only one escape from the tyranny of motion. Grace. "

Jun 11, 2005

Open Hearts
What Includes All
Saying For Today: "… Christ is that Point of Love."

Jun 10, 2005

The Palm Wine
On Honesty
Saying For Today: "Honesty is more a journey than simply avoidance of not telling the truth."

Jun 9, 2005

Letter and Spirit
What Gives Life
Saying For Today: "Through the 'letter,' we are exposed to the Spirit, even as we can trace the radiance shining through a window to the Sun. "

Jun 8, 2005

Growing Up
Beyond Baby Crying
Saying For Today: "We cannot grow up individually or collectively if we seek to define the possible by the past."

Jun 7, 2005

A Faithful Not-Knowing
A Way To Deepening Fellowship
Saying For Today: "The contemplative is led through knowing, not to abdicate knowing, but to the grace of a faithful not-knowing, infused with graciousness, vulnerability, and openness to others, as well as to Mystery."

Jun 6, 2005

Love Returning to Love
The Apophatic of Devotion
Saying For Today: "And our sense of Love still fails, at its grandest eloquence, to voice aptly the Love that makes the galaxies spin and our hearts pine for Home. "

Jun 2, 2005

Wisely Loving
Use of Body, Mind, Speech…
Saying For Today: "Possibly, only those who most deeply love struggle most to know how to love. "

Jun 1, 2005

Concentration and Meditation
Life Becoming Our Friend
Saying For Today: "We do not have to construct some grand Buddha construct or be a Christian theologian, for God is as close to us as our breath, our heartbeat, or the person looking with us eye-to-eye. "

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