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Path of Spirit

May 2020

May 30, 2020

Lured to the sweet scent - the absolutely ordinary
Saying For Today: "To see Earth-and-Sky is to see God, even before we see we see God."

May 28, 2020

Gift by Love to Love ~ The Heart an Altar
Saying For Today: "For one of the Love-Union path, the Union is not an ending; the Union deepens, for the Depths are bottomless, the Beloved is boundless. "

May 27, 2020

A Magic Castle - The Grace of Reconciliation

May 26, 2020

Touched with Peace
Breathing & Being Peace
Saying For Today: "Don't seek peace, enjoy the One who gives peace."

May 25, 2020

where no echo returns

May 24, 2020

Sun & rain for everyone

May 23, 2020

when frogs' croaking became prayer
Saying For Today: "Who provides the human species the right to define prayer in a way excluding other species, seen and unseen?"

May 22, 2020

the feeling before words - listening to nothing

May 21, 2020

the Yin & Yang of the tongue

May 19, 2020

a WonderFull Life - seduced into Awe
Saying For Today: "The flicker of arrogance is vanquished in the SunLight of awe and wonder."

May 16, 2020

spice to the feast of enjoyment ~ knowing by not-knowing
Saying For Today: "I cannot know a non-thing in the way I know a thing, but that does not mean I cannot know a non-thing or the absolute Non-Thing."

May 11, 2020

the grace of Joy

May 10, 2020

the wisdom of unspoken Truth ~ a reverential silence

May 9, 2020

religion & religiousness & the Sacred ~ form for response

May 7, 2020

the ocean on a fingertip ~ a world alive
consciousness as participation

May 6, 2020

Falling ~ making artwork out of loving

May 5, 2020

the three kisses - the way of friendship

May 4, 2020

waiting quietly ~ the way of Grace

May 3, 2020

the Valley spirit ~ the wisdom of Emptiness

May 2, 2020

Love beyond heaven & hell ~ heart filled with Love
Saying For Today: "Love dissolves all else but Love."

May 1, 2020

shaking the tree daily ~ love returning to Love
Saying For Today: "While our spiritual practice or how we relate to spiritual practice may change, we never get to the point where we do not need fidelity to some form of spiritual discipline, and daily."

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