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Path of Spirit

May 2019

May 31, 2019

Silence reaching out and Silence hiding
the sharing of interiority
Saying For Today: "Yes, some persons are called to give this gift of quiet abiding as his or her principal grace to the world. And, in doing so, one is oneed with the self-abiding of Silence. Love does not have to reach out to love, Love may or may not."

May 28, 2019

Life is Love & Love is Life
Loving without intent or wish for merit
Saying For Today: "Then, we find, the intent to love has been given wholly into Love, and only the natural expression of Love, apart from intent, remains. Our entire being becomes a benediction."

May 27, 2019

Awakened by the ordinary
Seeing the appearing Grace
Saying For Today: "Our preferences no longer blind us to the Light shining through a wide array of forms, some quite surprising to us. We may, indeed, find our prejudices challenged by this Light appearing outside where we discern it ought to or can appear."

May 26, 2019

The Gifts Building Up ~ Communal Edification
Saying For Today: "I embraced with gratitude this grace given us gathered, and that this man offered the gift. In embracing the gift, I embraced him."

May 25, 2019

Grace Surprises at Maine Dharmata
Saying For Today: "In stepping into Maine Dharmata, I was stepping into the fecund ground of Grace, an open field of Dharma possibilities, of Gospel potentialities. And, I found, what Christ means to me was in the mandala of Buddha, even as a Buddhist might find the Buddha at the altar where is served the Eucharist of Christ."

May 25, 2019

A Graceful Surprise at Buddha Dharmata
Worshipful and Holiness and Christ with Buddha

May 24, 2019

Strangeness & Strangers No More ~ On Spontaneous Recognition
Saying For Today: "In the Silence we see Heart-with-Heart, and find there is only one Heart seeing itself."

May 23, 2019

The Ecstasies of Silence
Silence and Devotion
Saying For Today: "Such tearful worship, cryful ecstasy of loving, does not arise as mere affect or sentiment. Why? For this Loving arises from the Silence."

May 22, 2019

Overflow ~ The Prayerful Heart
Saying For Today: "Prayer arises from Silence. Before there is a prayer, there is Prayer. Silence prays."

May 21, 2019

the Wind moves
subtle movements of Spirit
Saying For Today: "The person is not free to move freely, as such movement arises from past conditioning; if freedom arises, that is always an expression of Spirit in the moment, the eternal now."

May 20, 2019

Wonder ~ Yes! Wonderful
In Praise of the Glory
Saying For Today: "Wonder is never meant to be an end, but an opening, a welcome, an invitation from and to Presence."

May 18, 2019

Found by Silence ~ Home leads Home

May 17, 2019

spring comes & grass grows ~ the fruition of Silence
Saying For Today: "Silence teaches us a better, more wise way to live. We discover we are in a participatory communion with Life. We learn to trust Life, not our thoughts about Life."

May 16, 2019

being one called to be beside
becoming Christ for the other
Saying For Today: "He saw below what I had done. He read my heart, and he lovingly, respectfully communicated my heart to my father. He embodied love, a love that does not see merely appearance, but deeper and before appearance."

May 15, 2019

Where Face sees Face
Touching a You
Saying For Today: "This is not human, moral, religious, spiritual, or right or wrong - these phantoms find no place, where Face sees Face."

May 14, 2019

Windows of Light ~ Secular & Spiritual & One

May 13, 2019

the subtle Love in Silence
intimacy with Grace
Saying For Today: "Sitting in the circle of Silence with others this past Sunday in the Quaker Meeting, what arose through the Silence was how I never cease being amazed at the Love that manifests in Quiet together."

May 12, 2019

coffee & ice cream & ritual
ritual in daily life
Saying For Today: "So, ritual can be of a religion and, if not, can still be religious, meaning connecting us to the universal Life we share in together."

May 11, 2019

poems and prayers and promises ~ in an imaginative world
Saying For Today: "Possibly, the best I can say about my vows is, "I absolutely keep them, relatively somewhat.""

May 10, 2019

Prayer arising from Prayer ~ silent aspirations of the Heart

May 9, 2019

Where did the sadness go? - on transformation of energies
Saying For Today: "The Light welcomes everything unconditionally, and in this embrace Wholeness works in subtle ways that are evidenced later, for I can never fathom the deep, mysterious movements of this eternal Life."

May 8, 2019

being a prayer room ~ openness as invitation to Sacredness
Saying For Today: "The way, unspoken, of the wise being is to draw others to Grace without any effort so to do."

May 7, 2019

the many faces of Christ ~ windows of Light everywhere
Saying For Today: "Christ is not merely a metaphysical Reality, but Grace alive in matter."

May 5, 2019

The Embrace ~ that that is belonging itself
Saying For Today: "Boundless embrace arises from Grace, the sense of self, of being a person, cannot manifest such divine Elegance."

May 4, 2019

the walk in Spirit
living with the Earth and the Heavens
Saying For Today: "Walking in the Spirit entails our whole life, our whole being, lived in honor of and recognition of the Sacred. "

May 1, 2019

Meditation & Spirit ~ where meditation is no more
Saying For Today: "For the natural movement of Life is into the freedom empty of reliance on technique, empty of clinging to objects, even those called holy or sacred. If one engages these objects then, one does so with a sense of divine playfulness."

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