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April 2019

Apr 29, 2019

Spirit with Spirit ~ communion at a distance
the deeper sharing
Saying For Today: "Yet, there is a deeper sharing, a communion happening, potential for us. The sacred joining with others occurs only spirit with spirit, and for those who trust we are part of a larger Whole, Spirit, the one spirit is an expression of the one Spirit."

Apr 26, 2019

return to belonging
the gift of spiritual community
Saying For Today: "Yet, I find it amazing, how sitting in the Silence with others can be healing, and how together we can touch and be touched by that Ground from which life springs into its many forms and fashions on Earth, and beyond."

Apr 25, 2019

finger & Moon ~ embracing the Mystery
Saying For Today: "What is this Mystery? Well, if I could tell you, the Mystery would not be the Mystery, would it? "

Apr 24, 2019

the Mystery too great ...
the gift beyond belief or unbelief
Saying For Today: "In this communion, we can find that there is something more our beliefs point to, a mystery in which we find we are together, we are one, and we can live in harmony, for we most deeply want to."

Apr 23, 2019

the sacred art of Listening
communion arising in relaxed receptivity
Saying For Today: "So, listening is not a matter of the ear or thinking, but of the whole body being totally alert, but not tense. This listening is a relaxed receptivity."

Apr 22, 2019

the subtle sense
a feeling before feelings
Saying For Today: "We discover this subtle sense prior to feelings itself is welcoming, is a gift we cherish more than even the best of feelings."

Apr 21, 2019

the Easter that is not a day
Easter happening anew
Saying For Today: "Easter will happen where persons gather to celebrate Life and affirm hope, even as Easter happened, though differently, beside that little church in Georgia years prior."

Apr 20, 2019

door always open ~ the grace of invitational presence
Saying For Today: "Presence cannot not be invitational. This is like saying, the door to presence is always open, always welcoming."

Apr 19, 2019

the we we are
the gracefulness of communion
Saying For Today: "Two persons or millions cannot form or be a communion. Rather, we arise from communion."

Apr 19, 2019

Hidden Buddha & Hidden Christ & Hidden You

Apr 18, 2019

Hands-in-Hands ~ Prayer as means of love
Saying For Today: "And, prayer being always more, one need not see herself or himself as spiritual or religious to engage in prayer, for prayer is free of all that one can identify as religious or spiritual, even as love is."

Apr 17, 2019

the wisdom of nonspecific expectancy
luminous welcome
Saying For Today: "Togetherness is the timeless act of being, sustained spontaneously moment-to-moment, without any need for intervention, which would mean interruption."

Apr 16, 2019

Million Candles & Single Light

Apr 14, 2019

Moments of Grace
spontaneous moments of divine visitation

Apr 13, 2019

stopping places
the grace of restfulness

Apr 11, 2019

the message in a Mug
living the welcome
Saying For Today: "See, in this openness we are not, strictly speaking, open, we are living in openness, a oneness with the welcoming of Life."

Apr 10, 2019

the seeing that brings peace among us
belonging to each other

Apr 9, 2019

Meeting no strangers anywhere
inside and outside the skin
Saying For Today: "We experience the joy of affirming by our heart disposition, even if we never speak of it in words, that our skin does not divide us from other beings. "

Apr 5, 2019

Sharings ... Heart-with-Heart

Apr 1, 2019

The Apparently Useless Silence
not doing something and not doing nothing
Saying For Today: "What we struggle with as to Silence, is partly this idea, which is fully fallacious, that we must be doing something or we are doing nothing."

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