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Path of Spirit

April 2018

Apr 23, 2018

One Before You ~ Who & Whom & Neither

Apr 22, 2018

A Hint of Curiosity ~ Wakefulness Waking Up

Apr 21, 2018

Water from a Glass ~ Marriage of Form & Formless Spirit

Apr 20, 2018

Such a Sweet Kiss ~ Being the Openness to Receive

Apr 19, 2018

Stillness Moving ~ Among and Everywhere

Apr 18, 2018

Wine Flowing From The Roof

Apr 17, 2018

Shapeless Mystery Moves
Heart Abloom

Apr 15, 2018

Heart on Fire
On Spiritual Transformation

Apr 14, 2018

The Dancing Light
One & Many & One

Apr 13, 2018

Little Fella & Metta & You & I
Freedom ~ Our Natural Habitat

Apr 12, 2018

This Slipping Away
To Be... Not Needing to Belong
Saying For Today: "Who would have dreamed possible, that teenage Baptist preacher boy would so slip away, by Grace, to be at home sitting here, not belonging, not needing to belong, glad to be one with others in this Buddhist sangha?"

Apr 11, 2018

A Dirty Loveliness
Eye of Spirit

Apr 10, 2018

Relaxed Openness as Way of Life
Meditation, Life, Contentment

Apr 9, 2018

Generosity ~ Life Giving Itself All Around Us
Principle of Reversed Effort
Saying For Today: "So, where to begin? With hopelessness. With helplessness. We are helpless and it is hopeless to get what we most deeply long for. "

Apr 8, 2018

A Delicious Quiet
An Ecstastic Union of Love

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