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Path of Spirit

April 2007

Apr 30, 2007

Just What Is Spiritual? Spirituality?
A Special Reading In Intimatic Christianity
Saying For Today: "As you evolve this seeing, or progressively-integrated experience, you integrate less-full seeing into more-full seeing. Nothing is lost; all is taken into the wider Embrace of Spirit. "

Apr 29, 2007

Old Monk Sweeping Under Scorching Sun
Action Without Justification Or Goal
Saying For Today: "Have you had times when you were so fully in the moment that you felt no need to have any reason or goal for what you were doing?"

Apr 27, 2007

Open Windows, Clear Walls, Wind Blowing
Receptivity and Spirituality (An Intimatic Christianity Reading)
Saying For Today: "Emptiness allows the freedom of inflow and outflow."

Apr 26, 2007

The Soul in Intimatic Christianity
Ocean and Rivers (An Intimatic Christianity Reading)
Saying For Today: "Without God in all others, I am not. With God in all others, I am. "

Apr 23, 2007

Our True Identity
The Way to the Rose of Beauty
Saying For Today: "Our true identity is not that we fall in love with just one person; we are always falling in Love in Love. "

Apr 22, 2007

Mary Magdalene's Easter Awakening
Awakened to Christ as Pure Spirit
Saying For Today: "Mary must release her grasp on Jesus as the incarnated Word, Jesus of Nazareth, and see that the Resurrected Christ is a fuller, less restricted way of being in relationship with her Friend and Lord, in Love. "

Apr 21, 2007

Religion and Beauty
Beyond Cheap, Selfish Salvation
Saying For Today: "The problem with much religion is not so much that it is wrong or evil. The problem with much religion is more that it has lost all contact with the beautiful, with Beauty."

Apr 20, 2007

Enjoyment of Super-Abundant Life
Releasing Self-Constriction of the Self
Saying For Today: "For often such group loyalty is only the collective hangout for hiding of insecure, prideful, and selfish individuals who collect their frail egos into a fortress of poisonous party loyalty."

Apr 19, 2007

The Mathematics of Spirit
Freeing Up Room
Saying For Today: "We can grab with a spiritual gluttony that one more spiritual high, like the Path is All You Can Eat. "

Apr 18, 2007

The Sublime-Ordinary
Potencic Operations and Natural Processes
Saying For Today: "The processes are responsive at microcosmic~atomistic levels to Divine Potency energies. For the potencic operations are a part of that all-pervading Potency."

Apr 17, 2007

Easter, Easter, and Easter Still!
Living the Mystery of the Christ Life
Saying For Today: "This old life, death to old self, and living newness of Life (Easter Life!) drama is enacted every time we practice contemplative prayer."

Apr 16, 2007

Kicking Away the Ladder
Flying in the Sky of Spirit
Saying For Today: "Kick away the ladder of identities, then you will know the Self Who flies free in the Sky of Spirit."

Apr 15, 2007

Former Loyalties
An Uncompromising Divine Love
Saying For Today: "Religion prioritized to the point of compromise is another godless idolatry, even with the words "God" and "Christ" attached to it~then, it is even more godless, Christ-less, and harmful."

Apr 14, 2007

Growing into the Fullness of Christ
Interpenetration with the Word
Saying For Today: "Christ works to fulfill the Will of the Trinity to transform, or spiritualize, Nature to enter fully the intimacy-wholeness enjoyed by the Transcendent Christ within the Holy Trinity."

Apr 13, 2007

Conscious Emergence
Co-Creating a New Heaven and New Earth
Saying For Today: "Christ is our Savior, for God~Christ en-lightens us and en-graces us with full immersion in the world, a baptism necessary to transmute it and for it to ascend back to His Father and our Father. "

Apr 12, 2007

An Energy We Are
Quit Complaining, Change Direction!
Saying For Today: "To become this positive energy, the will must be turned toward the direction of positive energy, the Light. For choices flow from the direction of the will. "

Apr 11, 2007

Listening to as Gift to Others
The Response of Empathic Presence
Saying For Today: "Prayerful Silence is practice-ground for learning how to deeply and fully listen to others. After all, if you cannot lovingly listen to your own heart, how can you offer that gift to another person? "

Apr 10, 2007

Feeding Wolves
The Opposites Inside

Apr 9, 2007

On Seeing
River Water to River

Apr 8, 2007

For the Best! (Special Easter Writing 2007)
Co-Creating with Divine Intelligence
Saying For Today: "God will let us huddle in our sweaty, dark, little self-safety cave, or we can walk out and say, Here I am, for the adventure! "

Apr 8, 2007

Escape into True Richness
How God's Blessings Overflow
Saying For Today: "And when God fills your life, God's gifts overflow to bless all you touch. "

Apr 7, 2007

Clouds Moving, Sunshine Shining
The Pathless Path to Enlightenment
Saying For Today: "The false self, again which is really a no-self, uses intricate spiritual systems and religious beliefs to try what would happen as gift simply by a trusting surrender and openness to Pure Love."

Apr 6, 2007

What to Want Most of All
On Desire and Seeking
Saying For Today: "The extent of our opening to God depends on the extent of the desire of our true heart."

Apr 5, 2007

Bees Don't Eat The Blossoms
Freedom From Greed
Saying For Today: "Craving signifies rightful longing for fullness of life and joy, but a longing turned in on self as source, rather than outward toward God as Source."

Apr 4, 2007

Sacred Deconstruction of God in the Mind
Beyond Worshipping God Images
Saying For Today: "I surmise that one reason persons fear contemplative prayer and Christian mysticism is that such opens us for the Holy Spirit at deeper levels than conventional religion to dissolve the idolatrous mind that deifies religious truths."

Apr 3, 2007

Our Ever-Becoming
Open To The Adventure, Still
Saying For Today: "Our following Christ is not a stop or a series of stops, it is a ceaseless evolving of our selves-in-God toward the fullness of Christ by obedience in love to God, through the Holy Spirit. "

Apr 2, 2007

One with the Light of Life
The Flower of Light Meditation
Saying For Today: "Your body, yes, your flesh, is a sacred vessel of Divine Light."

Apr 1, 2007

Seeing With The Seeing Of God
Contemplation and Consciousness
Saying For Today: "The rites of the Church, then, are pointing outward into the entire cosmos, as well as your face looking in the Mirror. "

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