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April 2006

Apr 30, 2006

Free Of Identification
I Am and Be-ing In Christ
Saying For Today: "There, we are one with I am. "

Apr 28, 2006

Three Scary Things
Challenging Aspirations
Saying For Today: "The very things we most aspire for are things we most resist. "

Apr 27, 2006

The Secret of Spiritual Power
God In and Through
Saying For Today: "The secret of spiritual power is how much you can let God do in and through you. "

Apr 26, 2006

The Land of Laughter
Saying For Today: "Joy can be expressed in the face and demeanor of quiet contentment. Joy can be expressed in the hilarity of laughter. "

Apr 25, 2006

A Spirituality of Union
Contemplative View of Redemption
Saying For Today: "Redemption is not a mere legal transaction. Redemption is much more."

Apr 24, 2006

Spirituality of the Heart
Love Is The Only Way
Saying For Today: "... if I do not ardently try ... to allow my life to be a testimony to Love, the Way, then all my religion is no more than a devil could do and believe. "

Apr 23, 2006

True Humility
Our Nothingness, God Being Everything
Saying For Today: "But humbly accepting that one is what one is only in God and nothing in oneself, leads to this enjoyment of life, praise of God, and love for all creatures, great and small. "

Apr 22, 2006

Gardner, Vine, and Branches
On Spiritual Fruitfulness
Saying For Today: "Indeed, if a person abides in Christ, he will bear fruit honoring Christ. If a church abides in Christ, it will behave like Christ and do the mission of Christ."

Apr 21, 2006

Life and Peace
Person of Flesh, Person of Spirit
Saying For Today: "For, is it not true religion, yes, true Christianity in the factual sense of following the Way of Christ, that spreads, not necessarily religion foremost, but foremost life and peace for the good of all creatures? "

Apr 20, 2006

A Christian Or A Christendom
Eastering a Transformed and Inclusive Christianity
Saying For Today: "… Christ is reduced to civil Christian faith and the faith of a particular culture, and being a good Christian is not really following Christ as much as bowing to a grotesque and blasphemous idol of political and civil ideology, but not grotesque to those who have identified Christianity with Western culture and government. "

Apr 18, 2006

Loving Truth
Beyond Versions of Truth
Saying For Today: "Either we are servant to truth, or we do not love truth."

Apr 17, 2006

Respecting and Feeling Respect
Saying For Today: "We can nurture the feeling of respect by being respectful. "

Apr 16, 2006

The Enigma of Easter
God and God
Saying For Today: "God watching God being crucified, God letting God die, God buried in a tomb without God intervening, God resurrecting God. "

Apr 15, 2006

Going On Trustingly
Being Prepared For Resurrection
Saying For Today: "If we hold promises in the darkness of the sepulcher, if we trust, we remain untouched by despair, though touched deeply by pain, others’ pain and our pain. "

Apr 14, 2006

Christ and Nonviolence
Loving Friend and Enemy in Christ
Saying For Today: "Good Friday throws before us the truth of how harmful violence is, even when called just, and what courage it takes to practice loving the very persons who oppress on a personal and collective level."

Apr 13, 2006

Judas and the Christ
Healing at the Table
Saying For Today: "Have we not each played the Judas? "

Apr 12, 2006

Dying to Living
The Potency of Resurrection, Now
Saying For Today: "Our last dying, through conscious trust in Christ, never ends in that God being Infinity has blessed us with an infinite pilgrimage that will never exhaust the potential and possibilities of learning, growing, and being."

Apr 11, 2006

Word and Words
Being A Healing Presence (Tuesday, Holy Week)
Saying For Today: "Jesus did not come to judge; rather, he came to be a healing presence: indeed, the Healing Presence. Through the Spirit of Christ, we, too, can be healing presences."

Apr 11, 2006

Written Prayers As Guide To Prayer
On Spontaneous Prayer
Saying For Today: "Spontaneous prayer arising from reading written prayer is easy to experience when the heart is, Luther says, 'rightly warmed and inclined toward prayer.'"

Apr 10, 2006

Inward Prayer
Prayer Praying In and Through Us
Saying For Today: "In a time of feeling abandoned by his Father, out of all the Scriptures that Jesus knew, one arose to heart and mind to express, spontaneously, what he needed in the moment to cry to the Father. "

Apr 10, 2006

A Mary Love Acting Upon Christ
A Monday Holy Week Reading
Saying For Today: "Christ will delight in such love. We need to give such love as much as he delights in it. Indeed, finally, a Christian is one who seeks to love Christ as Mary loved Christ. "

Apr 9, 2006

A Larger Life For Hearing
On Hearing God
Saying For Today: "Sometimes we already know what God will, someday, let us see. "

Apr 8, 2006

Loving Though Un-Nice
On Christian Love
Saying For Today: "... Jesus exemplifies ... true love is often what persons resists most and to give true love can create both enemies and friends."

Apr 7, 2006

Movement Toward Perfection
Wholeness the Christian Way
Saying For Today: "Seek Christ, not perfection, and in Christ you will receive what seeking perfection will never procure."

Apr 6, 2006

Beyond the Trivialization of God
How We See
Saying For Today: "All the great Teachers of contemplative spirituality have made one thing clear … If you want truly to see something, you must get yourself out of the way of the seeing. "

Apr 5, 2006

Heav’n Espie
The Word’s Words
Saying For Today: "We are each a word the Word words; together, we are the Logos’ logoi—each and all an expression of the creative and blissful energy of the Cosmic Christ."

Apr 4, 2006

Poetic and Spirituality
Amazed, Always
Saying For Today: "It is one thing to talk about something, another thing to entice persons to see for themselves."

Apr 3, 2006

Christian Obedience
Legalism or Freedom
Saying For Today: "Obedience in freedom does not have the stress of feeling that one denies herself against her will or must please other persons, the 'authorities.' "

Apr 2, 2006

Aspects of Morality
Social, Personal, Religious
Saying For Today: "We treat other persons as we are. Being precedes action, action confirms being. Focusing on external law or rules will never, in itself, lead to positive and harmonious social attitudes and practices. "

Apr 1, 2006

Knowing by Forgetting
The Church That Unlearned
Saying For Today: "If you want to sail the Ocean of God, you must throw your oars overboard. "

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