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April 2005

Apr 30, 2005

At the Edges of the Familiar
Our Response to the Other-Than-Us
Saying For Today: "I do not mean the mystical as some evasion or escape from this good earth and our bodies, as well as the relationships our lives are lived in and from, daily. I refer to an experience that anyone can have, when she opens her heart to the Love Divine, All Loves Excelling. "

Apr 25, 2005

Eternally, In Love
Down To One Word
Saying For Today: "Everything worth speaking of in religion comes down to one word: Love. Anything more is at best addition, at worst distraction. "

Apr 24, 2005

Finding Heaven Everywhere
Imagination and Belief
Saying For Today: "A hallmark of childhood and childlikeness is the ability to believe in what you cannot see, cannot explain, to relish the gift of Mystery."

Apr 23, 2005

The Eye of Contemplation
On “Seeing”
Saying For Today: "The eye of flesh and the eye of mind are universal potentials, for they cut across much else that has divided human from human: race, ethnicity, politics, gender, sexual orientation, economics, religion, … Therefore, it is no different with the eye of contemplation."

Apr 22, 2005

A Subtle Thirst
When All Else Has Failed
Saying For Today: "… we have to quit holding hands and start making Love, so to speak. Otherwise, our hearts will only aspire to an unfulfilled experience of full Embrace, and the holding of hands will become more unsatisfying the longer we deny the call of our Heart to enter into God and be entered into by God, becoming One, in Love. "

Apr 20, 2005

Faithful Loving
The Motive for Right Action
Saying For Today: "In this, we are 'in Christ,' for only 'in Christ' are we each in Love. Thus, anyone acting from Love, Now, is 'in Christ.' "

Apr 19, 2005

Dizziness of Soul
Where We Shrink Back To Love, Again
Saying For Today: "We withdraw from this Immensity, and are even more in love with the Mystery that is in some way totally Other and, yet, totally One with us."

Apr 18, 2005

Incarnation and Ordinary Perfection
Immersed in This Love
Saying For Today: "The Christian message, then, is that nothing is wrong, essentially, with Creation."

Apr 17, 2005

Nada, Nada, Nada
Contemplation as the Way of Nothingness
Saying For Today: "Return to Nada, Nothing, again and again."

Apr 16, 2005

Giving and Healing
Love’s Spontaneous Fulfillment
Saying For Today: "Over time, as we grow in Christlikeness, we give, not to heal, but only as the spontaneous fulfillment of Love’s intent to love. "

Apr 15, 2005

Pure Faith, Pure Love
The Way of Wisdom
Saying For Today: "So, every system of notions will, finally, thankfully, die in the ashes of history. That will, finally, be Heaven, Nirvana, the Pure Land, the Kingdom of God fulfilled, …"

Apr 11, 2005

An Overflowing Cup
The Way of Truth
Saying For Today: "We speak of grasping the truth. However, neither can we distort or grasp the Truth. Truth is received…."

Apr 10, 2005

A Tied Up Cat
A Supple Spirit
Saying For Today: "Spirit is supple, for Presence adapts, taking different temporary forms, without compromising its essentiality, but because of its essentiality, to this moment, in order to love you and me. Persons who are being Love, likewise, lovingly adapt, through the essentiality, which is Spirit. "

Apr 9, 2005

Doing Nothing to the Glory of God
With a Right Here Practice
Saying For Today: "How much have you been where you have been, lately? "

Apr 6, 2005

Impermanence, Paschal Mystery, You
A Meeting Point Between Buddhism, Christianity, and Life
Saying For Today: "Since life is change, process, and flow, all is part of the living, dying, living … flux. To seek to solidify “myself” as permanent, guarding against change and death, means to alienate myself from others and Life. "

Apr 5, 2005

“It Is You!”
Self as Experience
Saying For Today: "This transformed self is, actually, not a self apart from the momentary experience of a self. This momentariness is, paradoxically and ironically, Eternity. "

Apr 4, 2005

Talking to Your Heart
Staying in Touch with the Heart in a Heady Culture
Saying For Today: "At best, most Westerners seem to believe in the 'language of the heart,' but assume it is somewhat archaic and second-place to the 'logic of the brain.'"

Apr 1, 2005

Being Believing Creatures
On Belief
Saying For Today: "I am pointing out that having the reason and faith to believe something that is both helpful and traditional, even beliefs that one cannot prove or disprove, is a mark of wisdom and maturity. "

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