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March 2019

Mar 28, 2019

the touch of the garment
the way of blessing

Mar 26, 2019

abiding in
an organic communion

Mar 25, 2019

The Open Way
change as means of communion
Saying For Today: "We simply cannot stop the way, we can only choose how we relate with the way. The way is always changing, and that is good news, for who would want a way that remains always the same, anyway? Where would the adventure be in that?"

Mar 24, 2019

Dancing without the Answers
the Healing of Communion
Saying For Today: "There is no private communion, even if we are communing in privacy. Communion is open and open-ended. Communion has no walls including or excluding."

Mar 23, 2019

water to wine ~ turnings that happen
Saying For Today: "We can relax and celebrate what appears as gifts from the Unseen, without getting tangled up in the logic of the why and how, or yes or no. We simply have no idea of what is possible."

Mar 21, 2019

the Wellspring
where it comes from
Saying For Today: "The sense-of-Presence-being-present and the sense-of-Presence-being-absent, however, are both manifestations of the Wellspring, the Presence. "

Mar 16, 2019

I ~ the blessing of ego
Saying For Today: "When the I is fully the I, there is no problem with the I, for the I is not a problem to begin with."

Mar 15, 2019

The Same Delight
Grace Flows

Mar 14, 2019

signs of so much More ~ movings of Love
Saying For Today: "We can see that our natural propensity is not not to love, but to love, to transcend ourselves in connection with others."

Mar 13, 2019

seductive Mystery ~ a hidden way
Saying For Today: "Fundamentalism may inspire obedience, but is not likely to inspire much love at all, or wonderment, no more can the fundamentalist atheism that parades itself as intellectually unbiased and the believers as gullible idiots."

Mar 1, 2019

Following ~ the path and you
Saying For Today: "We are so intimate with the path, we are moving with the path, the path with us."

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