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Path of Spirit

March 2009

Mar 31, 2009

A Fellowship of Energies
Intimate Traveling Companions
Saying For Today: "We share with everyone in our immediate surroundings our energy configuration. We give and receive and, thereby, is formed a community of energy-sharing."

Mar 30, 2009

Authentic Spiritual Power
Spirit Persons
Saying For Today: "The safest and surest way to spiritual power is a receptivity that neither seeks to avoid Divine manifestation in varying degrees of intensity nor seeks to engender such manifestation out of attachment to empowering experiences."

Mar 28, 2009

Willing into Withness
Effort in Spiritual Practice
Saying For Today: "Learn to enjoy simply Being. Practice being quiet and receptive to Loving. The ebb and flow of Presence will be clear."

Mar 27, 2009

A New Heritage
Calling from a Larger Life
Saying For Today: "The heritage once fit well. No more. All our experience has led to a moment of letting go and moving on."

Mar 26, 2009

Leaning and Leaned Upon
On Spiritual Companionship
Saying For Today: "We need at least one like-spirited person whom we can pray with, cry with, and sit in reverential silence with. In such human companioning, Spirit companions us."

Mar 25, 2009

The Way of Pure Love
Grace to Receive Grace
Saying For Today: "By entering the Center, Love radiates outward as It expands our capacity to receive and give Loving."

Mar 24, 2009

The Modes of Christ
Experiencing the Christic Tensions
Saying For Today: "We need to see as important a welcoming of the Whole Christ, and we need not be fearful of any way Christ appears. We ought not be surprised if Christ, indeed, challenges or shatters preconceptions we have of Who Christ is."

Mar 23, 2009

At the Limit of Our Efforts
The Arising of Grace
Saying For Today: "Sometimes God pushes us to the exhaustion of our effort to teach a fuller trust in the Divine. In the relaxing of our effort, Grace, as Divine Energy, enables."

Mar 22, 2009

God The Seducer
Playfulness and Sexuality in Spirituality
Saying For Today: "God, in a deeply, spiritually satisfying manner, knows how to seduce us. His seduction takes us from the arms of our false loves into True Love."

Mar 21, 2009

Like Spreading Perfume
Loving in Aloneness
Saying For Today: "Like a man and woman in Love, wanting to be apart from others to share intimately with each other in aloneness, the Lover of God longs for solitude to share Love with the Beloved, with Love."

Mar 20, 2009

Living Under the Cross
Inward Word and Flowing Power
Saying For Today: "And who is invited to this directness of Divine Inspiration, in living Word and Power, both within? You. Everyone."

Mar 19, 2009

The Blessing of Spiritual Dutifulness
Opening to the Inner Conversation
Saying For Today: "Our turning toward the Divine is not only our seeking, but our asking to be sought."

Mar 18, 2009

Reaching Out, Pieces Brought Together
On Healing
Saying For Today: "We can use our suffering to gain attention and pity, to control those around us, and to have an excuse not to move on with life. We, literally, get stuck and, at some level, choose to remain stuck."

Mar 17, 2009

Releasing Into The Light
Healing of Suffering
Saying For Today: "We look into the darkness. We name the darkness."

Mar 16, 2009

Falling into the World
On Works of Compassion

Mar 15, 2009

Walking the Path
The Divine Template
Saying For Today: "Cutting through the non-principles, we seek to arrive at a template of principles. We ask, "What is here that is spiritually applicable, always and everywhere?""

Mar 14, 2009

A Whispering in the Ear
Spirit Nudging You
Saying For Today: "And the Spirit may nudge us to act in a certain way, for God knows all things that led to the need for us to act in that way - before we knew."

Mar 13, 2009

Jesus Having a Conniption
Christlike Expression of Anger
Saying For Today: "[A] close reading of the four Gospels shows numerous occasions on which Jesus would not have won points for a nomination as Nice Man of the Year."

Mar 12, 2009

The Veils of God
Chaos and Spiritual Growth
Saying For Today: "It seems from the soul we often create chaos, when our soul logic - not general intelligence - knows we need it. We may complain, but we created the disorder in agreement with our spiritual need."

Mar 11, 2009

Eyes Upward, But Not Haughty
A Humbling Adornment
Saying For Today: "Spirit adorns us with humbleness and rejoices when we appreciate our ultimate reliance is on receiving a gift to serve with, not on achievement to claim the credit for."

Mar 10, 2009

Bought With A Price
The Wisdom of the Cross
Saying For Today: "Yet, in some way mysterious, the idea of ransom speaks of the power of Jesus' death to effect a result of freedom and healing within us."

Mar 9, 2009

This First Thing
Chaos into Mysticism
Saying For Today: "A mystic is a person who lives with the first priority of his or her life being direct connection with God. ... We are invited to live in a temple-consciousness, a God-awareness, and turn from the many second things that would keep us from this First Thing."

Mar 8, 2009

When God Seems Unresponsive
The Heart of Prayer
Saying For Today: "And we can be in the middle of God's will and have a painful sense of Divine nonresponse."

Mar 8, 2009

A More Powerful Song
A Virtuous Life
Saying For Today: "Virtue is not a soft religious or moral idea. Virtue indicates power and courage."

Mar 7, 2009

The Shadow of Love's Zeal
Responding to Jealousy
Saying For Today: "When you respond with kindness to harmfulness, you free yourself from the spiritual consequences of the harmfulness. You turn aside the attempted effort to tie you into the knot of unlove. Your love transcends the unlove."

Mar 6, 2009

Playing With The Master Performer
Childlikeness and Divine Help
Saying For Today: "The person who is baffled by the Mystery of God is the one most ready to be given spiritual truth. "

Mar 5, 2009

A Rest In Abiding
Joy Beyond Striving
Saying For Today: "Whatever our burden, we can refind peace by turning back toward the Light, the Prince of Peace. In Peace, we find peace."

Mar 4, 2009

The Other Side of Repentance
Making Haste to Go On
Saying For Today: "The other side of I was wrong is You are free."

Mar 3, 2009

A Loving Yielding
On Giving Up Personal Rights
Saying For Today: "We will never go far in Christ as long as we stay in the shallow waters of my rights."

Mar 2, 2009

Coming Out of Hiding
On Godly Grief
Saying For Today: "What I felt as I knelt, was a godly sorrow for my not showing the compassion and mercy I had needed to on many occasions in my life."

Mar 1, 2009

Arisings of Divine Love
Surprises of Easter Life
Saying For Today: "The pain is the result of our repression of what of God is already within us."

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