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Path of Spirit

March 2007

Mar 31, 2007

Faith Humble and Open
The Humility To Doubt and Believe
Saying For Today: "This person does not love God above all; she loves her ideas of God above all, and even above God. "

Mar 30, 2007

True Friendship
Companionship As Sacramental Experience
Saying For Today: "A true friendship can become for two persons a sacramental experience. "

Mar 29, 2007

Quantity and Quality of Time
Time and Spiritual Self-Care
Saying For Today: "Even God cannot give us the Life we long for without our taking the time to nurture a way for it to enter our hearts and grow toward completion."

Mar 28, 2007

Living From The Center
Finding Our Natural Location
Saying For Today: " We learn the center, or deepest depth, of Who We Are is everywhere and nowhere."

Mar 27, 2007

A Good Intoxication
Filling to the Brim
Saying For Today: "Like liquid intoxication altering personality, the spiritual Christian's personality is altered to the Nature of the Holy Spirit."

Mar 26, 2007

Walking In Love
Replenishing and Self-Replenishing Affection
Saying For Today: "Persons needing lovers will often arrive without warning, as surprises wrapped in the covering of ordinary meetings and unforseen encounters. "

Mar 25, 2007

Living Close to the Heart of Christ
The Cost, The Blessing
Saying For Today: "The spiritual person has to maintain a stricter life than other persons. I mean stricter in watching over what she chooses to join in inwardly and outwardly."

Mar 24, 2007

The Potency of Ancient Rites
The Unity of Inner and Outer in Tradition
Saying For Today: "While our faith must remain open to changes, there is a danger in underestimating the value and power of its traditions handed down from the distant past. "

Mar 23, 2007

Getting Into Heaven
How to Enjoy Paradise Now
Saying For Today: "We stand at the gate of Paradise daily. Christ invites us into the bliss of this Beauty of Love, Joy, and Peace. "

Mar 22, 2007

A Profound, Divine Naturalness
Oneed with Creator, Creation
Saying For Today: "In Grace oneing us with the Creator, we enjoy a most beautiful, pure, and erotic love affair with the Creation."

Mar 21, 2007

Circling the Mountain
Climb to the Voice!
Saying For Today: "We have ill-treated those who have been drawn by Christ to know God~thinking we know God better simply because of an avowed confession to the special revelation~apart from the faith called the Christian faith. "

Mar 20, 2007

Accepting the Pain of Waking Up
Fleeing into the Dark, or Leaning into the Light
Saying For Today: "So, yes, God is Love. But to receive that Love intimately, which gives all and expects a like return, we have to give up our toys, even religious and moral toys."

Mar 19, 2007

Sweet Intoxication
Christian Mysticism for Every Christian
Saying For Today: "We experience within us, if we choose to follow the Spirit more deeply, unfolding spiritual meanings as the Spirit of Christ inwardly prepares us to receive them."

Mar 18, 2007

Teasure of the Heart
Devotion and Nature
Saying For Today: "We can no more separate nature and the Light, than we can separate the Sun and its beams. "

Mar 18, 2007


Mar 17, 2007

Melody in the Heart
Listening from the Center
Saying For Today: "Trying to internalize the experience of another is not my need, as though I can adopt and adapt matters of the heart."

Mar 16, 2007

Three Qualities, One Disposition
Co-Creating with the Divine
Saying For Today: "We miss much fruit of divine blessings in giving and receiving, if we are too fearful to get in the tree and shake it."

Mar 15, 2007

Going Alone To Your Desolate Place
Habitual Retreat
Saying For Today: "We need habitual retreat, leaving those we serve behind in body and mind, simply to enjoy the gift of communion with the One we are intimate with as our Love. "

Mar 14, 2007

How To Lose Your Mind, Thankfully!
An Ardent Love Affair
Saying For Today: "This is Love Itself we are transformed into by intimacy with that Burning and Mutually-Mingling Passion!"

Mar 13, 2007

A Taste of Sublime Sweetness
Receiving Love Giving Love
Saying For Today: "God ceaselessly pours out, without losing any of the Essence of God, the Divine Being for you to receive and enjoy, and eternally."

Mar 11, 2007

Wherever He Leads I'll Go
Really? Or a Nice, Pious Sentiment?
Saying For Today: "Jesus answered, Come with me, and let the dead bury their dead. "

Mar 9, 2007

A Consenting Participation
What Defines our Relationship to God
Saying For Today: "Then, how can we claim we do not have time to follow that Divine Will, even at personal cost, when that following is defining of our relationship to the Triune Mystery? "

Mar 8, 2007

The Face Looking From The Pond
Closer And Closer To His Full Image
Saying For Today: "We intimately-enjoy Wonderful Love by companionship, sharing, fellowship, participating within each other~the New Testament calls the shared-indwelling koinonia. "

Mar 7, 2007

How to Have Great Wealth
On Godliness with Contentment
Saying For Today: ""Yet true godliness with contentment is itself great wealth.""

Mar 6, 2007

What a Thrill!
Pouring Out Ourselves
Saying For Today: "If we pour out ourselves for others, not holding on to ourselves in fear of losing ourselves, we find something wonderful we can find in no other way."

Mar 5, 2007

Meeting Christ at the Center
A Place of Quiet Peacefulness
Saying For Today: "The Center is not really a place; the Center is a Relationship of devout, intense, and blissful intimacy with God~in~Three, in Christ, through the Holy Spirit."

Mar 4, 2007

Your Heart a Chalice
Fullness in God's Presence
Saying For Today: "Our heart is a god-like chalice. God shaped our heart to fill it with all good."

Mar 3, 2007

The Math of the Christian Spiritual Life
Making Room for More of Christ
Saying For Today: "God enters only to the extent that we welcome God."

Mar 2, 2007

The Spiritual Way to Empathy and Service
Conversion of Will and Affections
Saying For Today: "This is a spiritual, inward conversion, so that we will and love the things of Christ in external acts. From this will, we love and serve persons in and through Christ."

Mar 1, 2007

A Beggar in His Presence
Molinos and the Prayer of Quiet
Saying For Today: "When you are resting silently and lovingly in the lap and upon the breasts of Christ~which is an ineffable and pure Presence beyond description~, disown effort and accept the Rest that is God Godself."

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