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Path of Spirit

March 2006

Mar 31, 2006

On True Christianity, Once More
Stories to Enlighten and Encourage
Saying For Today: "There is a beautiful sanctuary built by the hands of God and filled with the Presence of God; it is called the world, some call it Nature. "

Mar 30, 2006

On True Christianity, Again
Stories to Enlighten the Mind and Free the Heart
Saying For Today: "As long as you are trying to be good, you are trying to be good. And, trying to be good is not being good. "

Mar 29, 2006

A True Christian
Following Christ, Not Following Christianity
Saying For Today: "Blessed are those who follow Christ, not Christianity. "

Mar 28, 2006

Venturing Out
People of the Way, Not the Dead End
Saying For Today: "The astounded disciple said, ‘Master! How can you say that such a one that makes so many mistakes and is so in error in his thoughts loves God more than me?’ The Master spoke, ‘Because he is growing and you are not!’"

Mar 27, 2006

Pilgrimage Passively
Balancing the Active in Faith Community
Saying For Today: "… the church is suffering much due to a marked undervaluing of the passive aspects of spirituality and not honoring how important persons called to such spirituality are to the life of the church. "

Mar 26, 2006

Pointers to God
God Outside, Within, Among
Saying For Today: "God, being Love, will not withhold from anyone the Truth of His Presence, as long as the seeker truly seeks, for to do so would contradict the Nature of God as Love."

Mar 25, 2006

The Thou of Nameless Ones
The Energies of the Divine
Saying For Today: "Jesus knew the Heart of the Father is a Heart longing to touch the lives of the very ones that religion often ignores as unfit, sinners, and deserving of their plight. "

Mar 24, 2006

When Endings Are Beginnings
On Hope
Saying For Today: "Hope does not entail resignation; hope entails surrender. Resignation is not an act of courage; surrender is. Resignation leads to despair; hope is an act of faithful optimism. "

Mar 23, 2006

A New Context for Living
A Memoir and Words on Living One with Everything
Saying For Today: "Ironically, the path to being healed into a larger Life is through, not more focus on our wounds and desires apart from other persons, but opening empathically to the world we live in. "

Mar 22, 2006

Brokenness and Wholeness
A Humbling Paradox
Saying For Today: "To be humble is to balance midway on the spiritual tightrope between the knowledge of our extraordinary blessedness and our very real brokenness. Wendy M. Wright "

Mar 21, 2006

Following Spirit
Traps But Fun
Saying For Today: "Following the Spirit can be very challenging. But, remember, it is a lot of fun, too!"

Mar 20, 2006

Always Reaching Forward
The Eternal Procession
Saying For Today: "My poem is, succinctly, offering a way for life to be an enchanting Pilgrimage, where every orgasm of delight and every moan of sadness is part of the Pageant of Christ."

Mar 19, 2006

Bagging the Breath
Vignettes on the Way of Spirit
Saying For Today: "Jesus, I feel something is standing between you and me. Jesus said, Brian, there is, and it is called religion. "

Mar 17, 2006

God Peeps Out
Poetry’s Summons
Saying For Today: "Poetry plunges one into the deep and hangs her from a tree, and she is laughing, swinging like a monkey—a child again, a child again! "

Mar 16, 2006

Connection, Intuition, and Intercession
A Friendship Letter
Saying For Today: "It is a mystery what opens awareness in us to some persons and not to other persons, though we are connected to all. "

Mar 10, 2006

Living in Philippi and in Christ Jesus
On Unitive Living
Saying For Today: "The Christian is to be the most common person, while she is, also, to be the most heavenly person. "

Mar 9, 2006

Continuing to Wonder
Beyond Atheism and Theism
Saying For Today: "God is never threatened by reality; our views of “God” are, however. "

Mar 7, 2006

The Meaning of Sacrifice
Causation and Consequence
Saying For Today: "The primary causative factor in the Passion of Christ is not sin, rather, it is Love."

Mar 6, 2006

You, Living Christ to the World
Closing Morning Prayer
Saying For Today: "Yours are the eyes through which is to look out Christ's compassion to the world..."

Mar 4, 2006

The Truth
Beyond Labels
Saying For Today: "You are a lover of Truth when you do not mind what label is attached to you for loving Truth."

Mar 3, 2006

Proposal for a Purged Bible
Bible, or Love First?
Saying For Today: "Jesus wants you to see how you value the Scripture above loving your neighbor and God."

Mar 2, 2006

No Longer Needing Eyes
Only Knowing
Saying For Today: "Go there! Where you no longer need eyes… "

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