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February 2021

Feb 28, 2021

The Humbling Beauty

Feb 27, 2021

Someone Seeing Through Eyes... Elusive Presence

Feb 26, 2021

Seeing through the Skin... Spirit of Kindness
Saying For Today: "Still, this encourages us to accept the power we have to bring a light into the darkness and keep it shining - a kin-feeling amid the blame, meanness, and malice that characterize so much of life in the public arena."

Feb 25, 2021

Leaving & Returning... Belonging
Saying For Today: "I realized a sacred community of two or more could be the church and never go into a church."

Feb 24, 2021

Spirit of Laughter... A Dharma Rebuttal
Saying For Today: "When arising naturally out of silence, laughter is a sound of silence; it is a way Life plays."

Feb 23, 2021

The Interior Life... Silence & Solitude
Saying For Today: "Silence and Solitude are not simply inactivity, not talking, or being apart from others. Even when outwardly one is still, motionless, and speechless, she is going somewhere and saying something. Without saying a prayer, she prays."

Feb 22, 2021

Ardent... Aspiration & Action
Saying For Today: "Effortlessness means action with effort, so something arises without effort."

Feb 21, 2021

Power & Paradox & a Cross
the power of the apparently powerless
Saying For Today: "Christ not only stands with the powerless, Christ is the powerless."

Feb 20, 2021

Joy like Breathing
Saying For Today: "Joy happens like breathing happens. You cannot locate either breathing or rejoicing, yet they are there."

Feb 19, 2021

Trusting the magic... in your heart

Feb 16, 2021

Touching the Moon
Saying For Today: "In seeing, we do not know what we are. Still, we love what is there."

Feb 15, 2021

Always Beginning
Saying For Today: "The beginning and the destination are now. "

Feb 13, 2021

A blinding brilliance... belief to insight
Saying For Today: "When you see for you see, you have a real possibility of insight. You cannot borrow anyone else's eyes."

Feb 12, 2021

Acting the teaching... wisdom and knowing

Feb 11, 2021

The Holy & The All

Feb 10, 2021

The Cooking... the emergence of the non-experience
Saying For Today: "Since one now sees the mountains as mountains, but unlike before, one finds it problematic to express this to others."

Feb 7, 2021

Gay & Buddhist & Muslim... explorations in inclusion
The World Lives in Our Heart
Saying For Today: "We suffer as persons and society when denying equal rights, not merely for equal rights is right, so we should act with equality, but for to deny equality to another is a violation of our own selves."

Feb 5, 2021

The Wholly Way
Saying For Today: "So, it is an auspicious place to be when you can sense the holiness of humanness. Spirit does not exclude humanness but includes it. Each aspect of humanness reflects, to varying degrees, the Good, True, and Beautiful."

Feb 4, 2021

This Falling Through... reconciliation of faith and doubt
Saying For Today: "Better a faithful skepticism than a faithless certainty."

Feb 3, 2021

Cultivating the Qualities... good seed & good fruit
Saying For Today: "Many seeds surround us, yet we are that one seed. We have to be the one to take care of our heart. No other one can do that for us. We are alone, and we alone can nurture ourselves."

Feb 2, 2021

Truth Showings
Saying For Today: "Knowledge adds to the accumulation of ideas. Truth wakes us up. "

Feb 1, 2021

Beyond your suffering... the Way of inner peace
Saying For Today: "The way out of the distress is the way into the distress. Then, we know the way out of the suffering."

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