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February 2019

Feb 27, 2019

Growls & Croaks & Quiet
Saying For Today: "Yes, a litany of stomach gurgling can be sacramental, even as can be frog croaking."

Feb 26, 2019

Peace & custody of the mouth
meditations on living peace & being peace No. 2
Saying For Today: "Not-doing and not-saying is active, also. And one who holds custody at the gate of speech may find that remaining silent may take more courage often than speaking up. "

Feb 25, 2019

Peace & Silence & Oneness
meditations on living peace & being peace No. 1
Saying For Today: "We are too close to be separate."

Feb 23, 2019

Home ~ our natural abode
heaven all along the way
Saying For Today: "The Heart is like a portable sanctuary, moving about with the body, for a time. Yet, too, the Heart intimates of that beyond all the movement, all the changes, all the here and there."

Feb 21, 2019

a hiding place ~ the gentle embrace
contemplations on solitude
Saying For Today: "Hiding away, alone and quiet, then, is first an affirmation, not a denial. We are not saying 'No' to the world, we are affirming the world is not simply what it appears to be, the world is the arena of Something more."

Feb 19, 2019

our face and our Face
a self-wholly undivided
Saying For Today: "Right here, going deeply into the humanness you are, including all you feel and see, with no self-criticism, what is the beauty you find? Here, human and more meet, yourself and every being too, in a differentiated and primordial unity. Love is, and Love happens. "

Feb 15, 2019

Pure ~ before pure and impure
ecstatic moments with the Beautiful
Saying For Today: "We need to allow time and silence to soak in the Mystery that has visited us, incarnated before us, surrounded us in its Majesty."

Feb 10, 2019

Openness ~ the natural Way
Saying For Today: "In being open, we become openness, we become spontaneous welcome for others to enter a safe, friendly space, an atmosphere of grace, for graceful."

Feb 7, 2019

Sanctuary of Serenity ~ Quiet & Calm
sayings & verse
Saying For Today: "Peace is already present, cannot not be present, and the moment we see our un-peace and totally accept it in gracefulness, then we invite peace, the gate of peace opens to us. "

Feb 4, 2019

Truth showings ~ story & sayings & verse
Saying For Today: "The smell of a flower may lead one to the Garden, the perfume of the lover may lead one to longings to make love."

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