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February 2017

Feb 25, 2017

The Meaningful Life
Awakened To Heaven All Around You
Saying For Today: "If a person lives a meaningless life, that is for he or she is living apart from life, merely as a biological organism, regardless of how presented well. By touching life anywhere, with anyone, at any moment, there is fullness of life. "

Feb 22, 2017

Making Love Beyond All Places
Beyond the Edge of Religion
Saying For Today: "Sated by the body of religion, first coming, one is led to and beyond the edge, to an inner glow that manifests in a brightness of face and flesh."

Feb 21, 2017

Love Welcoming Love
The Distance No More Between Us

Feb 18, 2017

Speck of Dust Lost in the Sunlight
Tasting Heaven

Feb 17, 2017

Such Libational Communion
Spondic Energy and the Other
Saying For Today: "Like the One, Love is boundless; so, one can intentionally remain at a physical distance from another, without overt expressions of loving, and through prayer and meditation, love the other. "

Feb 15, 2017

Tomorrow Reaching into Today
Deeper than Skin
Saying For Today: "In a touch, one touch true, tomorrow reaches into today, creating the world that is and is yet to be."

Feb 14, 2017

Smiles Covering Your Heart
Love beyond love

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