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Path of Spirit

February 2014

Feb 28, 2014

Surrendering to Divine Providence
Self-Giving to Grace
Saying For Today: "When I kneel at an altar, this signifies prayer that my sense of I be given wholly to Grace."

Feb 23, 2014

Spontaneous and Intimate Knowing
Resting in Love
Saying For Today: "Here, at this threshold, is where the mind rejoices to find its relief and bliss in Love."

Feb 16, 2014

One Body We Are
Sacramental Universe
Saying For Today: "We are essentially both the expression of the Body of God and the Body of God, for in Truth what manifests is."

Feb 13, 2014

Living Water
Intimate Grace
Saying For Today: "Possibly you will find by going within, that there are untold Depths to this Life, and that this Life leads you to surrender more and more to the Wonderful, Awe-inspiring Presence that is living and life-giving. "

Feb 6, 2014

One Voice of Grace
Unconditional Presence

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