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Path of Spirit

February 2012

Feb 29, 2012

Chastity & Loving
A Virginal Heart

Feb 28, 2012

Living From The Silence
I Ask For You

Feb 27, 2012

The Gift of Confusion
Dark Contemplation
Saying For Today: "For God being in union with us means God knows God through us and we know God through God, even as we know ourselves in and through God alone."

Feb 26, 2012

An Unguarded Accessability
Calmed & Quieted
Saying For Today: "In a mysterious way, you will find in this simplicity the love, joy, and peace that persons never fully know in activity apart from contemplation."

Feb 25, 2012

Passion for Spiritual Life

Feb 24, 2012

God Meeting God
Sense of Presence

Feb 23, 2012

Buddha, a Corpse, You
Bornless and Deathless

Feb 22, 2012

A Beautiful Loving
Healing Space
Saying For Today: "The Lover feels deeply, inarticulately something he or she might well say is the ultimate Mystery of the universe. The Lover has chosen to trust Love rather than anything else."

Feb 21, 2012

Taking the Hint
Divine Providence & You
Saying For Today: "The only way to draw off, or be gifted with, the blessing, or the positive Energy of the Whole, is to remain in companionship and union with the Whole."

Feb 20, 2012

Only by the Heart

Feb 14, 2012

The Gracious Consent
Sharing the Yes

Feb 10, 2012

Choosing for All
Freedom & Peace

Feb 9, 2012

Love Reconciling Opposites
Looking for Real

Feb 8, 2012

A Silent Generosity
Natural Giving
Saying For Today: "Love remains the same - loyal, Loving always."

Feb 7, 2012

Freedom, Character & Love
Responsibility beyond Beliefs

Feb 6, 2012

The Mutual Embrace
Yes & Coming Closer

Feb 5, 2012

Playfulness of Sharing
Unstructured Allowance

Feb 4, 2012

The Conscious Touch
Welcoming through Body

Feb 3, 2012

Oneness, Loving & Caring

Feb 2, 2012

A Peaceful Gratitude
Contented Spaciousness

Feb 1, 2012

Mysterious Arising
Silence and Beyond Silence

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