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February 2009

Feb 28, 2009

Heaping Coals of Fire
Blessing One Who Curses
Saying For Today: "If I reply to hurt with hurt, I become more a person who is hurtful. If I reply to harmfulness with graciousness, I become a more gracious person."

Feb 27, 2009

A Being Knit Together
On Sacred Friendship
Saying For Today: "Friendship, in a spiritual sense, implies an agreement, spoken or not, that is sacred. This means the bond is to be a means of the Spirit to bless those bonded, and others through the union of Love and Peace. "

Feb 26, 2009

Crushed Bones, Dancing Bones
The Blessing of Forgiveness
Saying For Today: "Scripture, also, provides teachings on confession, reminding us the Divine wills for us not to remain broken up, but to reclaim the joy we lost. "

Feb 25, 2009

A Most Horrible Death
An Absence of Spiritual Love
Saying For Today: "I do know I never again will take for granted the solace and blessing of walking covered with Love."

Feb 24, 2009

Forty Days of Love
Life-Changing Messages
Saying For Today: "Sure, I recommend you discern something to deny yourself of for these Forty Days. But let it be something that contributes to a good you can do, and not merely be an absense of something you usually enjoy. "

Feb 23, 2009

Behind Closed Doors
On Cleaving to God
Saying For Today: "I have seen it repeatedly: a person gets involved in inward Prayer, and she or he begins seeing profound spiritual change, often in a short time. "

Feb 22, 2009

What to Leave Behind for Good
The Freedom of Forgiveness
Saying For Today: "Grace allows us to cut the cord of that one thing, or more than one thing, from the past that keeps pulling us back to the past."

Feb 21, 2009

Sacred Aloneness
Time Away from the Common
Saying For Today: "The motive for the Lover of God in seeking prayerful solitude is love for the Divine and others. For she or he serves both the Divine and others in the practice of sacred aloneness. "

Feb 20, 2009

Spirit Wedding Our Nature
Transformation into Body of Christ
Saying For Today: "Likewise, both Spirit and you are changed in the transforming union of marriage with Christ."

Feb 19, 2009

Enjoying Intimacy With The Sacred
Place and Worship
Saying For Today: "We desire to hear one tiny syllable of the boundless Word that holds the cosmos in place and spins our planet throughout space."

Feb 18, 2009

A Hell Now
The Damnation of One's Own Place
Saying For Today: "I knew Grace had delivered me from the damnable resentment and blame that had hovered over my inner wounds."

Feb 17, 2009

Knocking At The Door
A Love Like His
Saying For Today: "Well, in all things we are to be like Christ. No, that is not easy. If it were easy, it would not be being like Christ."

Feb 14, 2009

A Burning Bush
The Voice of I AM
Saying For Today: "Yes, the Spirit still can stop us in our tracks. No, it may not be in a spectacular way. That Voice may be calling for our attention in many subtle ways."

Feb 13, 2009

Cleaned Up, Ready to Go
Life Beyond Guilt
Saying For Today: "We can struggle with the exact thing we claim is so amazing: Grace. "

Feb 12, 2009

The Word Given Joseph
Transformations of Hope
Saying For Today: "No, you may not get the miracle you wanted and prayed for. But hope can take on notes that will leave your heart singing and tongue shouting: Hallelujah!. "

Feb 11, 2009

A Socially-Radical Forgiveness
With a Prayer for Forgiveness
Saying For Today: "Forgiveness is Jesus offering us a way to a freedom and love we never knew before. He is calling us out of the haunt of our habitual detour; he is trying to save us from repeating the same patterns that never bring happiness or healing."

Feb 10, 2009

A Habit Not To Break
Love for the Act and Place of Worship
Saying For Today: "True, spiritual worship together symbolizes and strengthens a people as being the Church, as well as guarding the unity of that people as a People, not merely a collection of individuals sharing a space for an hour or more weekly. "

Feb 9, 2009

Receiving the Word
Sensitizing to Divine Revelation
Saying For Today: "All the acts of Christian devotion are proven means to sensitive the mind to reception of divine revelation and a sense of holy Presence."

Feb 7, 2009

Cross and Crucifix
Glorying in Offense and Nonsense
Saying For Today: "The cross is not simply a point in time, but an intersecting point holding the promise of all before and all following. This point is pregnant with promise."

Feb 6, 2009

God Wooing
Truly Freely Loving
Saying For Today: "Spirit loves us so much that Spirit would never want an unwilling reciprocation from us."

Feb 5, 2009

Delighting in Sacred Teaching
Spiritual Teaching, Not Occult Insight
Saying For Today: "Regardless of our differences of interpretation of content and such matters as theories of divine inspiration, the Holy Bible is the sourcebook for Christian devotion and living."

Feb 4, 2009

No Additives Spirituality
Experiencing Sacred Normality
Saying For Today: "Grace is oozing out every pore of this wonderful world, and we do not meet God in every moment? Odd?"

Feb 3, 2009

Consecrating the Tongue
Mighty Power in a Little Member
Saying For Today: "Each day we might do well to have a short prayer about our tongue, asking for grace that our tongue will be a blessing and giver of life that day, for other persons and ourselves. "

Feb 2, 2009

Turning to a Good Direction
Making Life-Affirming Choices
Saying For Today: "Being virtuous is about partaking of and sharing in qualities, through our choices of thought and act, that are Life-filled, Life-affirming, and Life-sharing."

Feb 1, 2009

A Decreasing, An Increasing
The Wisdom of Taking Second Place
Saying For Today: "We begin to sense that, literally, He is acting and loving through us."

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