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February 2007

Feb 28, 2007

A Gently Turning Toward
Self Going from Self
Saying For Today: "Response to God in loving communion, a simple, gentle turning to the Light, draws self from self into Christ."

Feb 27, 2007

Contemplation and Creativity
On Divine Synchronicity in Community
Saying For Today: "The Potency imparts Itself, and in Itself is the potency of All-Potential. The creativity arises out of the communion of persons with persons and with God as Person. "

Feb 26, 2007

Wells That Hold Water
The Gift of Pure Prayer
Saying For Today: "Prayer is communion between the Greater and the lesser, the Sufficient and the insufficient, the Supply and the need, Immensity and limitation."

Feb 25, 2007

A Christ-ed Life
From Profane to Sacred
Saying For Today: "We do not become spiritual Christians simply by association with the outer churches. We must enter the inner Church."

Feb 24, 2007

Even a Jack Ass Can Take You There
Communion of the Heart
Saying For Today: "Some people break their teeth on stone/ while others relish the taste of fresh bread. "

Feb 23, 2007

A Christ-Like Humility
The Inner and Outer of Meekness
Saying For Today: "Be humble, but do not call attention to your humbleness. Meekness calls attention to itself, not to you. Humility is to witness of Christ, not us."

Feb 22, 2007

Intimate Interludes of Solitude
A Tabernacle of Quiet Within
Saying For Today: "She learns that with commitment to solitude she carries a tabernacle of quiet within her amidst the noises all around her."

Feb 21, 2007

A Deep Withness
Dying to Our Own Love
Saying For Today: "Persons who are members of a church or of a Christianity, but not participants and partakers in the mystical Church, cannot live the deep withness, for this is nothing other than a mystical union of souls in and with the Triune God. "

Feb 20, 2007

Contemplation and Toxic People-Environments
Spiritually Sensitized among Spiritually Noxious
Saying For Today: "You are not being judgmental to identify toxic persons or groups and to avoid them fully, or as much as possible, anymore than you would avoid living in an apartment with virulent mold. "

Feb 19, 2007

Being Led to the Meaning
Contemplation Beyond a Everything
Saying For Today: "This leads to transformation of all meanings, for these are now experienced in the Perfect, and they are no longer simply means to the Perfect."

Feb 18, 2007

Transmutation by the Sun
Becoming Like God
Saying For Today: "The Sun is always turned to each of us, for the Divine wills, desires, to share Itself with us, wholly. But the Spirit of Christ does not penetrate and, thereby, transmute us, sharing with us the Divine Nature, without our acesis of turning. "

Feb 17, 2007

Within the Woven Veil
A Baptism in the Spiritual Jordan
Saying For Today: "The woven veil covers the Most Holy Place, My Lord, but you have not concealed your Face from me, for you would not, being Love, seek to conceal your Being from any being whom you have formed for yourself alone. "

Feb 16, 2007

A Loving Unknowing
The Two Powers
Saying For Today: "You will not walk far until the tide lifts you and takes you away to Somewhere, which is right where you have always been in God, in Eternity~for God is the Being of Eternity, is Eternity."

Feb 15, 2007

Spiritualization of the Natural Capacities
Toward the Divinized Life
Saying For Today: "The agent of the spiritual, the One Who spiritualizes, is the Holy Spirit, the Inner Christ."

Feb 14, 2007

A Sure Hope
Assured of God's Faithfulness
Saying For Today: "What is this hope of salvation? Is it not assurance that we are living in God's love and will be preserved in this love by no one other than God? "

Feb 13, 2007

Workshop and Tools
A Rule for Monks in the World
Saying For Today: "The contemplative is a monk in the world. We see the world outside the monastery as a workshop and spiritual disciplines, or means of grace, as tools."

Feb 12, 2007

Enjoying God as God
Beyond Sense to Immediate Experience
Saying For Today: "This is to experience God as God, not God as sense of God. "

Feb 11, 2007

Beyond Hellish Religion
Prayer of Pure Love and Being-In-Communion
Saying For Today: "Even the finest outward religion, if it does not surrender to agape, sharing in Sharing as a means to heal our creaturely divisions, is a religion of hell, regardless of how acceptable appearing or what the name attached to it."

Feb 10, 2007

The Opening of Inward Springs
On Spiritual Prayer
Saying For Today: "Spiritual prayer, what the apostle Paul calls prayer in the Spirit, opens inward springs of blessing that the Triune God, being the All~Good, longs to pour into our lives. "

Feb 9, 2007

Falling into the Pure Divine
Beyond the Gifts to the Giver
Saying For Today: "We know with inward, mystical certitude that we are resting in Her Herself, in pure love and denuded faith. "

Feb 8, 2007

Christianity Living Inside You
The Inner Life and the Christian
Saying For Today: "Jeremiah foretold such a shift toward the inner life that persons~each and all~would be taught inwardly by the Holy Spirit."

Feb 5, 2007

Nurturing the Transcendental Sense
The Fount of All Other Christian Experience
Saying For Today: "The aim of true Christianity is to stimulate the sense of transcendence, so that we can love God for the sake of loving God. "

Feb 4, 2007

Living Heaven All Along
A Zesty Embrace
Saying For Today: "We can transform places we work, our homes, our communities, and, yes, our churches by living from the Spirit that makes earthy life as exciting as any prospect of an after-death abode. "

Feb 3, 2007

God's Delight
The Simple and Common
Saying For Today: "It seems God is interested in impressing us with one thing: His love for us."

Feb 2, 2007

On Loving Tolerance
Self-Demotion and the Unity of the Spirit
Saying For Today: "This self-humbling person finds the greater pleasure in the peace and good of all. Being unpleased, initially, she soon finds great pleasure in self-demotion."

Feb 1, 2007

A Wink and Smile from Teresa of Jesus
On Spiritual Joy and Laughter
Saying For Today: "I think God was reminding me that a wink is more characteristic of deep spirituality than the seriousness of much religion. "

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