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Path of Spirit

February 2006

Feb 28, 2006

Sat-sanga: Beautiful Friend
Beautiful Friend (1st Ed., July 21, 2004; Rev. Ed., February 28, 2006)
Saying For Today: "The Spiritual Teacher is one example of a theology of participation, rather than a theology of veneration. The Teacher reminds us that we cannot hide behind Jesus, or anyone, and avoid what the One calls us to be and do. "

Feb 27, 2006

Abandonment to Divine Providence
Surrender to Divine Mind
Saying For Today: " ... when we are involved in the Provident Grace of God, working in and through our lives, it is one work with everything else Spirit has done, is doing, and will do in the Cosmos. "

Feb 26, 2006

Petals All Around
Essence and Energies
Saying For Today: "Likewise, when one has passed through the energies to the essence—Surprise! There is only One."

Feb 25, 2006

Christ and Religions
God Outside All Boxes
Saying For Today: "Possibly, the most important question you will ever answer is, Will I follow Christ, or a version of Christ? "

Feb 24, 2006

Burnt Kabob
From Admiration to Participation
Saying For Today: "God wants us as free as God is free. What do we have to do? Say, Yes. With that one word spoken, God can work miracles."

Feb 22, 2006

Creation, Trinity, and Truth
Toward Differentiated Unity
Saying For Today: "But, what if I can see that God is neither your God nor my God, but that we each have concepts that hint toward the true One we are seeking to worship and serve? "

Feb 22, 2006

Predictable Miracles, Daily
The Power of Commitment
Saying For Today: "Jesus seemed to have no consciousness allowing belief in the impossible. "

Feb 21, 2006

The Shapeless Mystery
Infinite Expansion
Saying For Today: "All I can do is keep falling, and fall some more…"

Feb 20, 2006

The Simplicity of Loving
Getting Out of the Sweaty Cocoon
Saying For Today: "There is nothing so simple as loving another person, when we get past our fear of being loved."

Feb 20, 2006

A Deep Withness
Dying to Our Own Love

Feb 19, 2006

Meaning, Enchantment, Love
A Visit with Mary
Saying For Today: "I know to be fascinated requires time to see, to reflect, and to appreciate."

Feb 18, 2006

Theory and Three-Dimensional Life
Saying For Today: "The struggle many of us have with faith is that we want to reduce the Mystery, to which we can ascribe the term infinite-dimensional, to our terms. "

Feb 17, 2006

The Power of the Christ Event
Gospel as Transformative
Saying For Today: "The Christ Story itself is transforming, not because it is magical, but because it is inspired to speak to the Truth already longing to be lived inside each of us. "

Feb 16, 2006

The Ministry of Reconciliation
The Ultimate Moral Duty
Saying For Today: "Reconciliation is not toleration or permissiveness; reconciliation is a radical, lived statement of God’s Love, one which embodies the truth that apparent opposites can converge in Christ, forming a unity that can encompass differences through Grace. "

Feb 15, 2006

Watering the Garden
Your Decrease, Divine Increase
Saying For Today: "If you, then, wish to embody John the Baptist’s principle of decreasing so that Christ will increase and the one from heaven gaining priority over the one from earth, engage in the worthy path of contemplative, or mystical, prayer. "

Feb 14, 2006

The Abiding Life
Synergistic Union With Christ
Saying For Today: "Jesus clarifies that, like the mutuality and participatory sharing of a vine and branch, we share a synergistic union with Christ, which Paul speaks of as our being in Christ and the Church being the body of Christ."

Feb 13, 2006

The God Who Seduces
A Renewing of the Love Affair
Saying For Today: "… all turning back to Love is grounded in two theological realities: the initiatory Grace of God and, second, the created capacity in us to respond to Grace. "

Feb 12, 2006

The Corrective Context of Unity-In-Diversity
Pluralism or Community?
Saying For Today: "Both beliefs and practices, being partly subjective and, thus, fallible, need the corrective presence of others somewhat unlike us."

Feb 11, 2006

Cutting the Robe
Compassion, Grace, and Loving
Saying For Today: "Spirit of Love, do not just love me, do not just love through me; love me to accept your love for me, … "

Feb 10, 2006

The Obscure Touch
Merton and Contemplation
Saying For Today: "Merton taught that contemplation is for all Christians, not for a certain disposition of persons or a spiritual elite. Every Christian can become fused into one spirit with Christ in the furnace of contemplation. "

Feb 9, 2006

Not Being Too Easily Pleased
Good Desires
Saying For Today: "God does not want you to be too easily pleased. God wants to give us deep and wonderful desires, and God wants to see those desires fulfilled for our enjoyment and sharing."

Feb 8, 2006

A New Relationship
Friendship with the Living Christ
Saying For Today: "Either Wisdom is boundless or bounded, for it cannot be contained and be free. "

Feb 7, 2006

Rays of God’s Love
Divine Penetration
Saying For Today: "… I did not know the coverings of your bed were already laid aside just for me…."

Feb 6, 2006

Such Bliss
On Direct Illumination
Saying For Today: "I aspired for the Wine until, You emptied the bottle over me…. "

Feb 3, 2006

The Abundantly Flowing Life of the Spirit (no. 3)
Abundant Life Flowing
Saying For Today: "Grace is the abundant, lively, and flowing Life of God, imparting life and wholeness to all who receive. "

Feb 2, 2006

The Abundantly Flowing Life of the Spirit (no. 2)
Seeking the Abundant Life
Saying For Today: "Jesus, as then, enters as the living Word into the context of death-dealing religiousness and the darkness of spiritual ignorance, to offer vitality and insight to everyone. "

Feb 1, 2006

The Abundantly Flowing Life of the Spirit (no. 1)
Life in Its Fullness
Saying For Today: "What if each one of us lived daily, consciously knowing and trusting that the very environment we live in, the contexts of our lives, is infused through-and-through with the Prodigious Grace of Christ? "

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