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Path of Spirit

December 2021

Dec 31, 2021

Home... Changeless amid Change
A Refuge for Anyone & Anywhere

Dec 27, 2021

A Love Without Walls

Dec 26, 2021

A Hawk Flew Overhead
Touching Here is Touching Everywhere

Dec 25, 2021

A Christmas Not on a Calendar
The Stories We Live By
Saying For Today: "Can we take Christmas off the calendar and place it in our hearts?"

Dec 24, 2021

Life... The Miracle Right Here
Reflectons on a Winter Morning
Saying For Today: "Yes, Life is miraculous. It pulls us into Itself and shapes us in forms we do not choose, but do."

Dec 23, 2021

Listening for what has never been heard
A freshness arising
Saying For Today: "In fact, revelation can be just that: something which shows itself as what remains hidden but accessible to deep, undiluted feeling."

Dec 21, 2021

A Worthiness You Are
Saying For Today: "We can step off the tiresome, spinning wheel of striving for self-worth outside ourselves - our worth is already with us, it is us."

Dec 17, 2021

When We Become Prayer
The Heart of Love
Saying For Today: "An open heart means open eyes."

Dec 14, 2021

A Reaching Out in Love
The Warmth of Compassion

Dec 13, 2021

Roaming Outside Our Heads
The Divine Wisdom

Dec 12, 2021

The Listening
Walking in Inspiration
Saying For Today: "That the messages of the heart are less apparently reasonable, or to many not reasonable at all, does not mean they are unreasonable. "

Dec 10, 2021

Standing on a Floating Rug... Transformation & the Sensational

Dec 9, 2021

Cheese Sandwiches & Wisdom & Doing

Dec 7, 2021

A Futile and Fruitful Search
a self seeking a self
Saying For Today: "A hundred mirages created from one mirage is each one a mirage. Non-being cannot think its way to being."

Dec 5, 2021

An Ascending Joy
Joyless to Joy to Joyful

Dec 1, 2021

Forms & Something
Seduced Along the Way
Saying For Today: "Spirit is formless, while there is no such thing as a formless spirituality."

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