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December 2019

Dec 31, 2019

Pure Love~running into Your arms
Saying For Today: "The more I know this Something, or Someone, the more outside yet within this world I discover this Something, or Someone, to be. I am both, thereby, drawn from words for the immediate knowing of this Lover, while drawn to words to attempt a witness of this Unwordable Word."

Dec 30, 2019

Loving is Giving~No reward, No merit
the underlying Yes

Dec 29, 2019

the untouched Yay! ~ the celebrating of Life

Dec 28, 2019

She & I & We Two Too
This Intimatic Transcendence

Dec 27, 2019

An Intimate Strangeness
Otherness and Otherness
Saying For Today: "What we really want from others is not to unveil their strangeness, but to meet it, enter it in the same union in which our strangeness is entered by the other."

Dec 26, 2019

Kiss of Light~Let's Get Blown Away
Saying For Today: "Love we are born within and born for, and together we learn how to be and share this beautiful Grace."

Dec 25, 2019

Christmas & Joyful Emptiness~Reflections

Dec 24, 2019

like Something or Someone~one healing in one Light

Dec 23, 2019

Simply ~ the joy of the meaningless

Dec 22, 2019

Tenderness ~ letting the other inside your skin
a gift for our world
Saying For Today: "When we are offered the gift of being deeply touched by the mystery, glory, and love of Life, to fall into that childlikeness is a joy ineffable and timeless."

Dec 21, 2019

Waiting ~ Heart with Heart (Poetry & Prose)
Saying For Today: "And that you now feel a longing for a depth you have never known, be thankful, for this is because you have been prepared to know a closeness you have never known before, possibly an intimacy of heart you dreamed of long ago but could not welcome until now."

Dec 20, 2019

Simply Simple Love ~ the Touch
Looking from behind every face

Dec 18, 2019

You exposed ~ a beautiful revelation
intimacy with intimacy
Saying For Today: "To be open, naked, and seen is the deep yearning of the human, reverberating in all our false intimacies."

Dec 17, 2019

Beautiful Human Being ~ Spiritual Memoir in Prose & Verse
Saying For Today: "I am blessed to know Love. I am thankful to all who truly saw me and loved me, and forgave me."

Dec 16, 2019

The Silent Way of Caring
spaces where silence lives
Saying For Today: "Then, if we speak after honoring the silent space, our words are more likely to flow from and be imbued with the flavor of the Quiet."

Dec 15, 2019

The Wind's Footprints ~ a look into the Senseless
Saying For Today: "What lives in the heart cannot be held, only loved."

Dec 14, 2019

Where Love loves Love ~ on the True Affection
Saying For Today: "In true affection the ungarbed heart of one meets the ungarbed heart of the other, finding that really there was always only one heart seeking to commune with itself in primal innocence and timeless grace."

Dec 12, 2019

We Is ~ A Colorless Love ... On Racial Inclusion

Dec 10, 2019

The God Unheard Of ~ Faces of a Mystery

Dec 7, 2019

This Feeling Before Words ~ Holding the Absence
Saying For Today: "And, finally, even the act of giving is dissolved into this mute but articulate Quiet. Thought moves, unsubstantial, like these clouds within these waters."

Dec 6, 2019

This Precipitous Plunge ~ Abyss of Beauty!
Reflections from solitude

Dec 5, 2019

This Quiet Joy

Dec 4, 2019

Space for a bird to fly ~ nothing gives itself

Dec 3, 2019

An apparently silly song ~ the wonder of it all
Saying For Today: "And sometimes we have a moment when the Beauty beyond inner and outer, more than physical, awakens this inward sense, and silence becomes the worship of the heart overflowing with reverence, a reverence neither religious nor not religious, neither spiritual nor not spiritual."

Dec 2, 2019

Love & a Mala & a Walking Stick
A beautiful sharing

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