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Path of Spirit

December 2018

Dec 31, 2018

gentle radiance
warming together by the Fire
Saying For Today: "The sensing, or seeing, of this Light arises in time, the Light from outside time."

Dec 30, 2018

Love is
Saying For Today: "Truly, there is no love but love, and so all these ways we characterize love are a move from the simple truth that love is, love being not not this or that kind of love, love is. "

Dec 28, 2018

where silence prays ~ on Pure Prayer
the grace of being prayer
Saying For Today: "Ironically, we come consciously to be what we already are."

Dec 27, 2018

colors of change ~ seasons within seasons
turn & turn & turn
Saying For Today: "We can see change as openings to freshness, new beginnings."

Dec 26, 2018

epiphanies everywhere
the holy clothing itself in diverse attire
Saying For Today: "Any answer, thankfully, leads onward deeper into the bright darkness of not-knowing."

Dec 25, 2018

the meaning in just living (No. 2)
the joy of at-ease
Saying For Today: "You simply are available, and life shows up, and you show up with life. You realize this, within, and this is blessing, this is joy."

Dec 24, 2018

the meaning in just living (No. 1)
way unfolding & life flowing
Saying For Today: "Life, yes life, is sacred in itself, nothing needs to be done to make it so, to make it anything."

Dec 22, 2018

Unveilings (No. 2) ~ The Empty Chair
surfaces evoking awareness of Depths
Saying For Today: "We learn that anywhere, a veil might open, that anywhere can be a Temple, a sanctum of Love, deeply-known and supremely-felt knowledge of Grace both concealed and revealed in one moment."

Dec 20, 2018

Unveilings (No. 1) ~ Temple of Landscape
welcome to welcome
Saying For Today: "All has gathered, a sacred amalgam, spaciousness for one timeless epiphany, like all, unlike any. "

Dec 19, 2018

Words ~ intimate reflections

Dec 18, 2018

the unobservable Appearing
Mystery hidden in plain sight

Dec 17, 2018

a way to Thank You!

Dec 15, 2018

welcoming Glory! ~ a Wakeful way

Dec 14, 2018

Joy & the Qualities ~ never go, never come

Dec 13, 2018

the Qualities given ~ elusive yet present

Dec 12, 2018


Dec 9, 2018

openness to openness ~ the Way of Joy

Dec 8, 2018

Something moving between us
solitude with solitude

Dec 7, 2018

the Wholly Communion ~ Yes! to Life

Dec 7, 2018

Only Yes

Dec 4, 2018

Fire by Fire, Love by Love ~ on unmediated Intimacy

Dec 3, 2018

The Welcoming Sky

Dec 2, 2018

One Teacher ~ teaching-of-the-ordinary

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