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December 2015

Dec 31, 2015

The Door Remains Open
Effortless and Nonjudgmental Presence
Saying For Today: "This is like opening the door to someone, even if they come in with his or her door closed to you. Presence loving includes without any reciprocity of being included, for Christ is inclusive and cannot be otherwise, or Christ would not be Christ. This means, also, you are essentially inclusive, and you are joyful only in being inclusive - otherwise, you suffer from the denial of Love inherent in non-inclusion. "

Dec 29, 2015

Center No More

Dec 21, 2015

A Big Hug
Never Been Apart

Dec 19, 2015

Is and Happens
Sun and Sunlight

Dec 18, 2015


Dec 16, 2015

All in All

Dec 15, 2015

The Common Ecstasy
Intimate Fullness

Dec 14, 2015

Being being
Joy of Realness

Dec 8, 2015

Love Before & After Love

Dec 6, 2015

Grace attracting to Grace
Together One Two

Dec 4, 2015

Black & White & One
We Are Unity

Dec 2, 2015

No self & No Self

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