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December 2008

Dec 27, 2008

How To Be Saintly
The Example of St. Servulus
Saying For Today: "We are and become saintly by being a little servant. "

Dec 26, 2008

Eucharistic Persons
The Spirit of Gratitude
Saying For Today: "Do not wait, then, to feel gratitude to practice gratitude. Begin now. By giving thanks, you will find yourself feeling and expressing more gratitude."

Dec 25, 2008

Christ's Birth Then and Now
The Spiritual Meaning of Christmas
Saying For Today: "God's Being can be crystallized in us, to the extent we, like Mary, make ourselves available to God's Presence."

Dec 24, 2008

The Magnificat Now
Being a Mediatrix of Grace
Saying For Today: "You can be a Mary, you can be a Mediatrix of Grace. "

Dec 23, 2008

Grace and Reconciliation
Honesty and Being Found
Saying For Today: "If I refuse this self-honesty, Grace by its nature cannot reconcile, for Grace is the responsive and just Presence of Love, a Love that can only enter when I am reconciled to my own lostness."

Dec 22, 2008

Such Bliss
Direct Illumination
Saying For Today: "I aspired for the Wine until, You emptied the bottle over me. "

Dec 21, 2008

God Having You Fully
The Inner Nativity
Saying For Today: "So, the start of Grace having us fully is not about us at all. Rather, Grace having us fully is about Whom we give ourselves to first and foremost."

Dec 20, 2008

Orderly Chaos
Saying For Today: "Sometimes, when your life is in a big mess, you put yourself there, and for a higher Purpose."

Dec 19, 2008

Work as Spiritual Practice
The Monk and the Butcher
Saying For Today: "Work is no longer other than Prayer."

Dec 18, 2008

Imago Dei In Everyone
A Politics of Love
Saying For Today: "The Jesus I follow respected those cut-off and corded-off by the in-power, political religionists."

Dec 17, 2008

A Seed Syllable Point
Knowing Un-Knowing
Saying For Today: "We welcome God into this life of ours, the one we did not want, and find God is waiting for us already, right there."

Dec 16, 2008

Contemplation as Re-Union
Beyond Faithing and Desiring
Saying For Today: "Loving oneness is awakening to union, not achieving union."

Dec 15, 2008

An Unpopular Obedience
Self-Abdication in Serving
Saying For Today: "The Spirit had birthed something beautiful, even if the process was exhausting, through a vital, personal, embodied giving to my people."

Dec 14, 2008

Devotion As Loving Gazing
Living Grace And Joy
Saying For Today: "Simply the intent to Love is the expression of Love."

Dec 13, 2008

Energies Negative, Energies Positive
Dealing With Energies Prayerfully
Saying For Today: "Negative energies can teach us to go inward to center, immediately, even in a crowd, and seek balance; we center prayerfully."

Dec 12, 2008

A Secret Love
Getting Lost
Saying For Today: "Those who never lose their way/never find this Loving. "

Dec 11, 2008

Worship at the Feet
A Practice of Devotion
Saying For Today: "Kneeling prayerfully joins you bodily with thousands of years of our spiritual ancestors. "

Dec 10, 2008

Feeling The Mystery
A Meditation
Saying For Today: "I discover and feel, at a level deeper and broader than Mind/ With what the mystics refer to as Heart. "

Dec 8, 2008

Reality-Defining Energies
Energy Meditation
Saying For Today: "Christ is the Field into which we seek more wholly to be drawn into by the energies we engage in prayer: words into Word."

Dec 7, 2008

An Abiding Life
A Poetic Meditation
Saying For Today: "I Am is Abiding. "

Dec 6, 2008

A Knowing Ignorance
On Knowing God
Saying For Today: "I am still learning, and often struggling, toward that line of complete surrender into the hands of God, where the peace and calm can arise, and assurance that all is well, even in a world where often much seems not well. "

Dec 5, 2008

The Paradox of Humanness
Nothing, And Precious
Saying For Today: "We seek to see ourselves as infinitely nothing in ourselves, and to see ourselves as infinitely precious in God and others."

Dec 4, 2008

The Union of Loving
Meditation and Transformation
Saying For Today: "Truly, not to want love, to feel it selfish, is selfish. To resist true love is to say "No" to Loving - God - who loves through the lover."

Dec 3, 2008

Breath Prayer
An Inarticulate Prayer Within
Saying For Today: "Breath Prayer entails allowing the Holy Spirit to communicate with our spirit what we need to pray about - this being at a level of pre/post-personal awareness, a person does not have to know mentally the content."

Dec 1, 2008

The Impassioned Life
Old Opening to New
Saying For Today: "Regardless, sometimes a prayer of abdication, affirming you do not have the natural resources to meet the needs where you are or where God is leading, is a prayer helpful to make. God has a habit, it seems, of putting persons in contexts where the person can only fulfill the Call by supernatural Resources."

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