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December 2006

Dec 31, 2006

A Delicate Love
Sentimental Expressions to Our Beloved

Dec 30, 2006

The Shameless Self
Saying For Today: "We have become fascinated with our personalities and lost to Our-Being-In-God."

Dec 29, 2006

The Divine-Human Book
A Divinely Inspired Library For Christian Life
Saying For Today: "Scripture ... when viewed as taking shape through the words and genres of faith communities, interpreted in the context of the whole Scripture~which allows the discernment of timeless principles~and with the aid of the discerning Holy Spirit, allows the discernment of the essential wisdom to follow Christ as Lord, Friend, and Savior. "

Dec 29, 2006

A Wise and Wonderful Waste
A Contemplative Poem
Saying For Today: "When my thoughts would consider another boon/Draw my mind back to my heart "

Dec 28, 2006

The Autograph of Christ Jesus
Holy Spirit as Action of Love
Saying For Today: "The Holy Spirit is the action of love, for the Holy Spirit is Love within Trinitarian Being. "

Dec 28, 2006

Gift For The Giving
A Contemplative Poem
Saying For Today: "Not all lips which are given the cup of Christ/can receive the taste of the Bloody sweetness "

Dec 27, 2006

Something, Maybe Someone
The Supernal Rose (Mystical Love Poem)
Saying For Today: "Then I saw the Supernal Rose, and I heard that Something, or Someone,/whisper to me, not in my ears, but to my heart, I am Love. "

Dec 27, 2006

Where To Turn Your Eyes
Blessed With A Strange New Dimness
Saying For Today: "I can only enjoy peace if I remain focused on Christ, Who is my peace. Christ puts everything in perspective for me."

Dec 26, 2006

Bethlehems Today
The Insignificant As Place Of Divine Love
Saying For Today: "Indeed, we will be willing to become a Bethlehem~a person considered of no or little importance~that Love will be born in and through us during these turbulent and uncertain times. "

Dec 25, 2006

The Emptinesses of Christmas
Room for the Best
Saying For Today: "With eyes of faith, we can assure ourselves that from the barren soil will sprout and grow the Divine Will."

Dec 24, 2006

Christmas Taking Place Now
Contemplative Insight into the Annunciation
Saying For Today: "Possibly, surrender is the greatest open-secret of the manifesting of All-Potentiality in our lives. The Divine's Nature is to express, and surrender provides the cooperating cause for that manifestation in divine birthings. "

Dec 23, 2006

Keeping the Oil Lamp Lighted
Readiness for Christ's Comings
Saying For Today: "The fire is the divine energies; that is, the manifold ways the potency and nature of God manifests to, in, and through us."

Dec 22, 2006

Love Born In Those Who Trust
Reclaiming The Little Pieces Of Yourself
Saying For Today: "And, we come to find that the Voice of God is none other than the Voice of our Deepest Heart, within us, which eternally lives apart from all the other voices that have led us too often before. We find that Voice is one of Love, Love beyond all the loves of the past."

Dec 21, 2006

All Things Passing
Opening to Vast Openness
Saying For Today: "Through loving openness we relinquish taking our feelings too seriously. "

Dec 20, 2006

Receiving Life as a Divine Gift
The Posture of Faith-Full Receptivity
Saying For Today: "This Governance implies the Word is operating in nature and our lives for the good of all creatures. "

Dec 19, 2006

Ever-New Graces
Grace for Graciousness
Saying For Today: "Grace is a continual flow of divine energies that vitalize us, totally, to meet each moment with gracefulness. "

Dec 18, 2006

Joy From Deathless Springs
On Spiritual Bliss
Saying For Today: "Happiness is based on happenings, on circumstances, but bliss derives from the Spirit. "

Dec 17, 2006

The Terrain of Intimacy with Life Itself
A Call to Unceasing Exploration
Saying For Today: "Rather the Christian experience is an adventure of discovering the terrain of intimacy with Life Itself. "

Dec 16, 2006

Have Thine Own Way, Lord
Waiting, Yielding, Stillness
Saying For Today: "We know very little of what the Holy Spirit is doing in our lives."

Dec 15, 2006

Roots and Branches
Access Routes to Below-Ground Reality
Saying For Today: "This in-depth-life does not take the spiritual Christian from the active, outer life. She, of all persons, experiences most richly and wonderfully the world of branches. "

Dec 13, 2006

Honoring the Body and the Head
On Covenant Faithfulness
Saying For Today: "Therefore to violate the holy covenant a person vows in commitment to and before the Church and its local expression, a church, is denial of the Body of Christ. To deny the Body is to deny the Head. "

Dec 11, 2006

Education of the Soul
Discipline and Discipleship
Saying For Today: "Our training includes progressive development of the use of speech, will, and act."

Dec 10, 2006

Paraphrasing Psalms
An Exercise in Experiential Prayer

Dec 9, 2006

Hungering and Thirsting for Righteousness
The Fruit of Right Relations
Saying For Today: "The fruit of goodness, truth, and beauty in human relationships is rooted in the Ground of such fruitfulness, not in community apart from Christ."

Dec 8, 2006

Spiritual Processes and Kairos Time
Being Shaped to the Vision
Saying For Today: "We cannot manage Spirit, rather, the best management we can do is to manage to get out of the way. "

Dec 7, 2006

All Sacrednesses Leading Back To YOU
Emergence, The Shema', Advent
Saying For Today: "We need this Word, who mediates created realities, to free us from serving the creature, that we might know and adore the Creator."

Dec 6, 2006

A King Disguised
On The Royal Law

Dec 5, 2006

True Christianity and with Spiritual Depth
A Denunciation of Relativized Christianity
Saying For Today: "To the extent that this en-cultured "Christianity" warrants identification with Christ Jesus and, thus, true Christianity (which is only defined in relationship to Christ Himself), I leave you to discern."

Dec 4, 2006

Our Fallible, Odd Journeys
Faithfully Relaxing into Our Lives
Saying For Today: "Faith, loving faithfulness toward the Mystical Reality, and communion with the Holy Spirit, as the Beloved Companion, go hand-in-hand. "

Dec 3, 2006

An Acorn on the Nose
On the Word as Divine Wisdom
Saying For Today: "Inherent Wisdom in the Generated-Generative Word and, therefore, in the Worded vestiges in Nature, is exemplified in the Passion of Christ Jesus as the supremely natural manifestation--for most natural is most holy--of the One. "

Dec 3, 2006

The Coming of Christ
An Advent Reading

Dec 2, 2006

The Reason of Contemplation
From Prerational to Postrational
Saying For Today: "Contemplative mind is not mindless, for it is mindful in mind transcending mind by mind, and this transcendence is into living interpenetration, or intimacy, with Absolute Intelligence."

Dec 1, 2006

Effects of Salvation through Love
On Living By Grace
Saying For Today: "Salvation through religious law will produce religious fanatics, self-righteous exclusionists, dogmatists, and legalists; salvation through Love yields the fruit of Love by Lovers."

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