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Path of Spirit

December 2004

Dec 11, 2004

The Arising of Names In Meditative Prayer

Dec 10, 2004

Advent Surrender: On Prayer
Saying For Today: "We are part of a larger, dynamic, organic, and emergent Whole. This Whole, however we speak of it, is God."

Dec 9, 2004

A Hug of Compassion
“When you did it to one of the….”

Dec 8, 2004

Advent and Birthing Christ
Saying For Today: " I am saying persons who are attached to their church, religion, “god,” doing good, beliefs, and personal convictions will not understand you and think you odd that what turns them on no longer turns you on. "

Dec 2, 2004

All Happening, Now, In You!

Dec 1, 2004

You Blissfully Adored!
Saying For Today: "Contemplation is, then, the Garden of Eden, the Place of Always-Already Delight. "

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