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November 2008

Nov 30, 2008

Bringing In Christ
Living the Spirit of Advent
Saying For Today: "Do you seek for the coming of Christ, now, in your attitude, thoughts, and actions? "

Nov 29, 2008

The Life of the Soul
No Looking Back
Saying For Today: "Along the Way, we face opportunities to expand - recall, spiritual growth is always expansion, never restriction."

Nov 28, 2008

Greater Surrender, Greater Joy
The Way to Newness of Live
Saying For Today: "Possibly, each time we do think or act in such a Loving way, we are putting into our own lives a newness that will one day lead us to rejoice at what our lives have become."

Nov 27, 2008

Stay Awake!
Wakeful to Deep Things (An Advent Meditation)
Saying For Today: "Christ's Return is a matter of spiritual awareness, of consciousness. If Christ, in some sense, does not return in consciousness, then, how shall Christ return? After all, shall I see Christ outside me, if I see not Christ within me?"

Nov 27, 2008

Beginning Of An Authentic American Holiday
On Thanksgiving Day (Guest Writing)
Saying For Today: "From out of nowhere, a friendly Indian wandered into the little settlement. Not only was he friendly but ... get this ... he could speak pretty good English."

Nov 26, 2008

The Directness of Love
Wise Choosing in Spiritual Loving
Saying For Today: "While spiritual Love flows in all directions, to all persons, you are to choose wisely whom to allow your soul to bond with at a deep, soul level."

Nov 25, 2008

Aloneness and Solitude
An Advent Meditation (With a Prayer)
Saying For Today: "Sometimes, I want to escape the aloneness, for it feels painfully lonely. Sometimes, I relish the aloneness, for I sense a satisfying richness to the barren feeling of Solitude."

Nov 24, 2008

A Heavenly Nourishment
Spiritual Life and Food
Saying For Today: "The spiritual Life, the mystic way, is a movement from the world, to which we have been wrongly and inordinately attached, back into it, and more fully, more really, more lovingly."

Nov 23, 2008

A Call Over Your Life
On Pressing On
Saying For Today: "The true, spiritual Christian is a person living under a divine summons that stretches from now to death, and beyond; and the now ever moves with us, death ever moves toward us. "

Nov 23, 2008

Chaste and Spiritual Union
Singleness and Companionship
Saying For Today: "The connection of spirit to spirit between a man and woman, without the physical union, may well prove very enriching for many men and women."

Nov 22, 2008

A Letter to Both Sides on Homosexual Unions
An Appeal to Common Sense
Saying For Today: "The Cross shows us a Christ who refused to surrender love at the onslaught of hate, or to turn hateful toward hate."

Nov 21, 2008

An Unknowing, Fruitive Love
Disposing Self for Mystical Prayer
Saying For Today: "Every person is called to this mystical nakedness of intellect; this unknowing, fruitive Love."

Nov 20, 2008

Meeting God Daily
A Morning Prayer
Saying For Today: "The chief intent in consistently, daily praying is to live so to engage in awareness of God as a Real Presence in your life, whatever you do or wherever you go."

Nov 19, 2008

Connecting With An Unseen Power Within
The Interior Life Of Prayer
Saying For Today: "Interior Prayer, then, is directing consciously, in desire, of the total Self to and into God, inviting Universal Love to fill all the faculties of body, mind, and spirit. "

Nov 18, 2008

Entering the Crucifix
The Shape of Love
Saying For Today: "The crucifix is the shape of Love. May we enter it fully, lovingly, and find Life."

Nov 17, 2008

Contentment and Presence
On Freedom from Covetousness
Saying For Today: "Trusting the Divine Presence to meet our needs, to be present fully to us, is important for our health and those around us."

Nov 16, 2008

Living the Spirit of Your Life
The Image of Your True Self
Saying For Today: "We can live a dream, a self, not us and not meant for us. This is a denial of the Self that Spirit makes us."

Nov 15, 2008

Beacons Guiding Us
Divine Guidance and Our Choices
Saying For Today: "God's will does not always mean success. Some choices turn out good, some not, and in either case we might have been faithful in our choice."

Nov 14, 2008

The Holy Spirit Shining
A Radiant Face
Saying For Today: "See, you are the Temple, the dwelling. In you is to dwell the very radiance of God's Presence."

Nov 13, 2008

Truly Being Seen
One With All
Saying For Today: "Healthy religion always draws us to the Love that will see us as of inestimable worth. Good religion creates within us a sense of being one with all other persons and peoples."

Nov 12, 2008

Experiencing Divine Presence
On God's Nearness
Saying For Today: "We discern God's closeness most in learning to sense God as a Subtle Presence, more like a whisper than a shout."

Nov 10, 2008

Everyday Hospitality
On Reciprocating with Concern
Saying For Today: "Possibly, the pain of unrequited affection is among the most painful of trials. Being ignored, especially when we have reached out to someone, can lead to feelings of isolation and aloneness, and not being thought worthy of polite human concern. "

Nov 9, 2008

Power Tenting On You
On Divine Enablement
Saying For Today: "Better to make a habit of turning to God in weakness and praying for Divine enablement beyond your store of energy and fortitude."

Nov 8, 2008

Christlike Woman, Faithful Wife
Testimony of Clarice Johnson (Guest Writing 2)
Saying For Today: "I was sure now what I was called to be: ... Christian mother teaching Christianity to our four children, ... supporter for my husband and Christian witness for all about our God-given blessings. "

Nov 8, 2008

A Heart Preparing Him Room
On Abandonment
Saying For Today: "This does not mean we simply resign to total inactivity. This means we agree to cooperate with God, trusting and responding to His Grace and Leading, even when it does not make sense to us."

Nov 7, 2008

Waters Over Me
On Anguish as Prayer
Saying For Today: "The Psalms show us, as do Jesus' prayers in Gethsemane and on the cross, how anguish itself can be prayer."

Nov 6, 2008

A Most Beautiful Site to See
Holiness and the Grace of Mystical Union
Saying For Today: "Holiness, indeed, grounded in the grace of mystical Union with the Spirit of Christ, is a most beautiful site to see."

Nov 5, 2008

The Graces of Interior Presence
Opening Consciousness to Loving
Saying For Today: "Christ is always coming to us. The ache for Divine Life, the Ground of all sacredness, is Christ Himself."

Nov 4, 2008

The Lord's Prayer (no. 5C)
Learning Obedience
Saying For Today: "Jesus learned obedience by the things he suffered, though he was never disobedient. We, even in ways we are not disobedient, yet grow to learn more about obedience."

Nov 3, 2008

The Lord's Prayer (no. 5B)
Your Will Be Done ...
Saying For Today: "Prayerfully listen for the person the Spirit is using most to share with you the Mind of Christ."

Nov 2, 2008

The Lord's Prayer (no. 5)
Your Will Be Done ...
Saying For Today: "But how often do we chaff at the service God and duty place upon us?"

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