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Path of Spirit

November 2006

Nov 30, 2006

A True Evaluation
Looking on the Heart
Saying For Today: "We judge by outward appearance; Spirit judges by inward heart. "

Nov 29, 2006

Marmalade in the Mouth
On Perfect Contrition
Saying For Today: "Perfect contrition arises out of love for God."

Nov 28, 2006

Loving All of God
Kissing the Blemish on God's Body
Saying For Today: "If God is present everywhere, then, God is present in the good and evil."

Nov 27, 2006

Frogs in the Well
Worshipping Truth, not truths
Saying For Today: "Frogs in the well of ideological religion will never understand Truth in a personal, mystical manner."

Nov 26, 2006

A Strange Concoction
All One

Nov 25, 2006

The Song of Glory
Contemplation on Creation
Saying For Today: "Then, we will escape the pervasive boredom persons try to deny through constant stimulation of the natural senses, and our hearts will reconnect with Creation, Song of Wonder."

Nov 24, 2006

Walking Through The Dark Ravine
Befriending the Dark
Saying For Today: "May I trust, not that the way will be clear,but give me true faith to befriend the dark."

Nov 23, 2006

The Tie That Binds
Brotherly, Sisterly Love
Saying For Today: "Help me to be as kind and compassionate, patient and understanding, as I wish for others to be to me."

Nov 22, 2006

The Diminution of the Word
The Way of Transformation of Will
Saying For Today: "One clear glimpse we get is that Being is a seeking Being, the Relational Absolute, the Dynamic Truth--Being before beings, Relational before relationships, and Truth before truths. "

Nov 21, 2006

Endless Creativity
Saying For Today: "Nature is a source of revelation of God, as the Face is the source of many similitudes."

Nov 20, 2006

Wake Up!
On Not Sleeping Your Life Away
Saying For Today: "Awareness spiritually is an openness and spontaneous intuition of the Sacredness of life. "

Nov 19, 2006

What Prayer Is About
Openings Each Moment
Saying For Today: "Prayer is first and foremost responding to Grace opening to us every moment."

Nov 18, 2006

Meditation, Contemplation, Triune God
Honoring Our Tradition of Prayer
Saying For Today: "Through meditation and contemplation, the follower of Jesus Christ experiences the Mystery of Christ in the communion of the Triune God."

Nov 17, 2006

Through the Curtain
The Way of the Prayer of the Heart
Saying For Today: "The contemplative passes through the light of reason, which is insufficient, and the feelings of the heart, which are misleading, to That before, beyond, within, and after All. "

Nov 16, 2006

The Nature of the Godhead
Saying For Today: "Spirit is Diversified Oneness, and no division inheres in the Godhead, for Spirit is the Perfection of all creatures and qualties."

Nov 15, 2006

Christian Asceticism
Ascesis and Holy Living
Saying For Today: "Asceticism is an essential practice to train our bodies to cooperate with the yearnings of the spirit."

Nov 14, 2006

The Spiritual Depths of Scripture
Openness in Scripture Study
Saying For Today: "Even if we could arrive at some understanding of all the Scripture, we would not be able to come close to mining its spiritual depths."

Nov 13, 2006

A Bridge For Others
On Compassionate Self-Giving
Saying For Today: "You are Living Presence entering, ceaselessly, into our lives and living in them. And by our entering into your Life, as response of love to Love, we plunge into the suffering of all creatures, in which suffering you are joyfully and painfully ushering creation toward infinite stations of perfection."

Nov 12, 2006

Sharing Like Feelings
Compassion and Communion
Saying For Today: "A communion does not retreat from larger society to protect itself or live out a sense of superiority. A communion gives itself as one with all others. "

Nov 11, 2006

The Natural Life
Living in the Kingdom of Heaven
Saying For Today: "Thankfully, Jesus does not call us to be unnatural. Jesus teaches us to live this life naturally."

Nov 10, 2006

The Response of Obedience
On Cooperating Grace
Saying For Today: "By the Holy Spirit transforming our wills, dancing with the Spirit becomes a delight. "

Nov 9, 2006

Suffering as Gift
The Role of Suffering for Christ
Saying For Today: "We, humbled and more trusting, become more receptive to grace enabling us to live as citizens of heaven, rather than enamored by temporal things. "

Nov 8, 2006

Keeping the Focus in Christian Service
Serving Beyond Self-Interest
Saying For Today: "Serving persons in Christ's name entails not letting self-interest impede our God-assigned role. In Christian service we can wrongfully use those we serve to meet our needs for affection."

Nov 7, 2006

Leadership, Complaints, and Priceless Kindness
Responding Graciously to Critics
Saying For Today: "Receiving complaints is a part of leadership, regardless of how sincere or diligent one is in duties."

Nov 6, 2006

The Faithful Providence of God
Living in the Promise
Saying For Today: "We, in communal worship, celebrate salvation history and are reminded God goes with us and in us by the Holy Spirit."

Nov 5, 2006

Astounding Grace
Beyond Conventional Fairness
Saying For Today: "The divine economy of God, being based on grace, surprises and challenges us in its unconventionality."

Nov 4, 2006

Sword and Arrows, To Flowers
The Transformation of Suffering
Saying For Today: "Mara, or Satan, is that tendency in the self to sabotage loyalty to move to a deeper fellowship with the Universal Light. "

Nov 3, 2006

The Only Rational Act
Flooded With Light
Saying For Today: "Indeed, we can enjoy heaven in this life and a clear semblance of all heaven implies, through the ascendancy of Love and only thereby, and this ascendence is, at the same time, a passing into the darkness of our own self-will and self-knowlege."

Nov 2, 2006

Freedom, Creativity, Responsibleness
Being Necessarily Godly
Saying For Today: "God is Love in that God blesses us with the same freedom-within-creativity that God exercises."

Nov 1, 2006

Simple Transactions of Love
A Ray of the Sun Waiting for Fellowship
Saying For Today: "It is in simple transactions of love that the ordinary is seen to be sublime and God is known: as a ray of the Sun is found to be waiting for fellowship with me in the other, and God waits, as that ray of the Sun in me, to have fellowship with that other. In this, we find true love in the Sun, eterally generated by the Father of Lights. "

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