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November 2005

Nov 30, 2005

The Engraved Ring
Reclaiming Aliveness
Saying For Today: "We are socialized into forgetting this Original Wholeness, and much of this socialization comes from theology that, at least partly, arose from feelings of a lack of wholeness and a fear of being judged by an otherworldly deity. "

Nov 29, 2005

Hoeing a Garden and God’s Will
God’s Will in the Daily Details
Saying For Today: "What you are meant to do is, usually, go ahead and do exactly what you have opportunity to do. "

Nov 28, 2005

Being No One Else
True to God, True to Self
Saying For Today: "In being true to God, you are being true to yourself; in being true to yourself, you are being true to God."

Nov 27, 2005

A Surprising Ride
Life an Adventure
Saying For Today: "The only alternative to adventure is boredom, and the human being was not created for a life of boredom. "

Nov 26, 2005

Bandages on the Mirror, A Prisoner Released
On Confession
Saying For Today: "Confession is not principally a religious duty, rather, confession is central to living a normal, thriving, and healthy life, as well as persons living joyfully together. "

Nov 25, 2005

A Horseshoe and Belief
Faith Grounded in God
Saying For Today: "For we know by faith that our trust in God, while aided by belief, is grounded in God and not belief."

Nov 24, 2005

Trusting God, Not “My” or “Our” God
Internalized Images of God
Saying For Today: "Possibly, the most difficult thing for most persons to do religiously is repent of attachment to his or her image of God in order to enjoy a more intimate immediacy with God. "

Nov 23, 2005

The Remarkably Common Tea
Being Richly Blessed
Saying For Today: "To feel blessed, richly blessed, we do not have to have received what impresses those who like to be impressed and to impress. "

Nov 22, 2005

The Pastor Who Venerated Scripture Too Much and Not Enough
Scripture as an Element of Unity
Saying For Today: "Thankfully, conservatives and liberals, and all in-between, can be addressed by the Scripture and find plenty of cause through that address to enjoy a unity-in-love."

Nov 21, 2005

The Pastor Who Refused To Be Theological Enough
On Mystery
Saying For Today: "The main purpose of theology is to show us how inadequate it really is, so we can trust in that which is greater than all theology, all ideology."

Nov 20, 2005

The Song of a Bird
On Authenticity
Saying For Today: "The truly authentic life is self-validating."

Nov 19, 2005

All Visitors Here
The World As We Do Not See It
Saying For Today: "… we need to remember that creation, as we see it, is the veil of a glory indescribable. "

Nov 18, 2005

The Young Flower in the Desert
Being Touched for Beauty
Saying For Today: "By this, we witness that God is Beauty and religion does not have to make us ugly. "

Nov 17, 2005

The Wise Woman and the Precious Stone
Grace that Moves the Giver
Saying For Today: "The Grace that moves the giver to give is more precious than all she gives. "

Nov 16, 2005

Donkey in the Well
Turning Challenges into Progress
Saying For Today: "The same energy that debilitates one person is used for good by another person. "

Nov 15, 2005

Sharing the Presence
Presence Through Our Being Present
Saying For Today: "Draw to the Presence, and the Presence will share itself with others through your being present to them."

Nov 14, 2005

A Shrouded World
The Invisible within the Visible
Saying For Today: "… spiritual traditions universally and across time assure us of a vast spiritual domain in our midst, which some with gifted spiritual insight have perceived, and that is as real as what we generally perceive. "

Nov 13, 2005

Planting Now, Gathering Later
Storing Up Treasures
Saying For Today: "Just think about this—What you are doing now is determining the extent of blessing you enjoy after this life."

Nov 12, 2005

A Life Lost, A Life Gained
The Central Paradox of the Gospel
Saying For Today: "Surrender to Union with God is an active process, which we make repeatedly, daily, situation-to-situation. "

Nov 11, 2005

Spirit and Stuff
Matter Does Matter
Saying For Today: "…our relationship to and use of material things, including money, has eternal implications."

Nov 8, 2005

Semper Fi
Faithful Stewards
Saying For Today: "… it is required of stewards that they be found faithful. "

Nov 7, 2005

Abba Anthony And The Bow
Enjoying Resting Places
Saying For Today: "Seeing ourselves in the context of Providence and our own small part, as well as seeing our mutual dependence on all other persons in the Providential Design, encourages us to rest and enjoy Sabbath times of quit refreshment."

Nov 5, 2005

Divine Romance
Following the Scent of Presence
Saying For Today: "While this love satisfies, it leads to recurrent feelings of separation, in which the sense of loss returns until the Bridegroom, or Bride, returns once more to quench the longing."

Nov 4, 2005

Contrition, or Guilt, an Odorant
Washed Inside and Out
Saying For Today: "Yet, guilt feelings can indicate that we have violated true values and need to seek forgiveness, or release, and cleansing."

Nov 3, 2005

Work and Grace
Divine Infusion and Human Action
Saying For Today: "Grace and work, divine infusion and human action, subsist within and through us in a symbiotic relationship. "

Nov 2, 2005

The Joy of Perfect Union
Uncreate Clarity
Saying For Today: "So, let yourself move beyond faith as faith in and desire as longing for God, by being taken by Grace to the culmination of both faith and desire, for God wants you to know God beyond all perceived as outside God: even your faith in and desire for God."

Nov 1, 2005

Continuous Conversion
Beyond the Effects of Religion
Saying For Today: "The goal of the Christian life is to … bring our whole being into effective cooperation with the divine order. "

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