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Path of Spirit

October 2018

Oct 30, 2018

a flowering of Connection
reflections of a sharing subtle & powerful
Saying For Today: "This felt like a subtle lightening storm, both inside and outside the body, though such appears a contradiction. How can one undergo a subtle lightening storm?"

Oct 26, 2018


Oct 24, 2018

A surprising kindness
our momentless meetings
Saying For Today: "I appeared that day to serve food and drink, but served so much more, and in that so much more, I, too, was served the same so much more."

Oct 22, 2018

We gifts & We graces are
the specialness we are
Saying For Today: "We are each already special, for being who we are; when we try to be special, we find we set ourselves apart; special is special for being with, not apart from. Anyway, is it not futile for something special to try to be special?"

Oct 19, 2018

Home ~ here & here & here
contemplative spirituality and communion with place
Saying For Today: "All this is possible, for Home is not a place to get to, but a Presence we have never, even for one moment, been away from."

Oct 18, 2018

longing & belonging & Grace ~ Sea & Spirit & Silence (No. 3)
Saying For Today: "Love, as all else, is expressed by the embrace, more or less, of consciousness, expanding from matter, increasing to an embrace beyond even embrace, Spirit."

Oct 15, 2018

longing & belonging & Grace ~ individuality & isolation & oneness (No. 2)
Saying For Today: "In Grace, the other is not another, only appears other in the dance of Life expressing Itself as relationship, as being-with."

Oct 11, 2018

longing & belonging & Grace (No. 1)
Saying For Today: "Grace unites, I knew. I do not know how I came to know that, I seem to have been born knowing it-I was, we are, then we are taught to forget."

Oct 10, 2018

a faith within
a loving unknowing

Oct 8, 2018

a feeling-into our oneness
the weird & the rules & the Love

Oct 7, 2018

the grace of sharing refuge
a welcome spaciousness

Oct 5, 2018

not finished but finished
the grace of daily spiritual respite

Oct 4, 2018

Momentless encounters arising
joy of pure Love

Oct 3, 2018

Something more in the absence
a decrease & an increase

Oct 2, 2018

A reason though not seen
the logic of the Heart

Oct 1, 2018

Hand searching for hand
a joyful reverence

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