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October 2014

Oct 31, 2014

Where G-D Alone Is
The Prayerful Life No. 91
Saying For Today: "Prayer is from Silence into Silence, for Silence is the Home of G-D."

Oct 30, 2014

Not Always So
The Prayerful Life No. 90
Saying For Today: "Your devotion to Life leads you naturally, then, to do, to act, and to take responsibility in freedom, not any sense that you are supposed to do this or that, be this or that. "

Oct 29, 2014

Prayer, Contemplation, Childlikeness
The Prayerful Life No. 89
Saying For Today: "From the Inner Temple we serve from the graces of Grace already within us and where we are within all and all within us."

Oct 29, 2014

Prayer, Contemplation, Childlikeness

Oct 28, 2014

The Inner Realization
The Prayerful Life No. 88
Saying For Today: "Admitting that one cannot know the truth is not ignorance, but knowledge, while thinking that thoughts about the truth is knowing truth is ignorance."

Oct 27, 2014

Our Playing Together
The Prayerful Life No. 87
Saying For Today: "That person has found, in the detachment from pleasure, a deep and abiding playfulness with Life, with others, and one that is not contrary to sadness or hurt, but one with it."

Oct 26, 2014

Tenderness and Fearlessness
The Prayerful Life No. 86
Saying For Today: "In Kindness, we embrace ourselves fearlessly, and in that embrace we gladly invite others, indeed, everyone, not least those we once judged as too different from us to belong in our heart. This all happens naturally, for love, unlike fearfulness, can only act naturally."

Oct 25, 2014

A Single Love
The Prayerful Life No. 85
Saying For Today: "Indeed, in Praying, I find that not only am I loving others, I am loving myself."

Oct 23, 2014

The Stunning Truth
The Prayerful Life No. 84
Saying For Today: "I stand stunned by Beauty, beside the waters."

Oct 21, 2014

Disposed to Presence
The Prayerful Life No. 82
Saying For Today: "Over time, we are marinated by the unseen Presence, and we grow into a more palpable and consistent living of a sense of Divine Closeness."

Oct 19, 2014

Here In Joy
The Prayerful Life No. 81

Oct 16, 2014

A Singular Devotion
The Prayerful Life No. 80

Oct 13, 2014

My Home Our Home
The Prayerful Life No. 79

Oct 11, 2014

Quietly Burning Fire
The Prayerful Life No. 78

Oct 8, 2014

No Longer A Stranger
The Prayerful Life No. 77
Saying For Today: "We are the tapestry of Love."

Oct 1, 2014

The Silent Consent
The Prayerful Life No. 76
Saying For Today: "Sitting quietly, openly, and heartfully prepares a space of consent for Grace to work for our good and for us to cooperate with the unseen and underlying currents of Grace in a way we may not be conscious of."

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