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October 2006

Oct 31, 2006

All-Potency Prostrating
The Inbreathing of God God's Self
Saying For Today: "It is, indeed, All-Potency's emptying into creation and you and me, without losing any of Itself or Its potency, that makes possible to recognize Grace and receive Eternal Life, enjoying both in the enjoyment of the Giver. "

Oct 30, 2006

Wiping Dust
Teacher and Teaching
Saying For Today: "The Teacher is servant of the Inner Teacher of other and self and, thereby, only Means of Wisdom Herself: the Holy Spirit. "

Oct 29, 2006

Just Passing Through
From Being Alive to Living
Saying For Today: "One travels more lightly, when she realizes she is just passing through."

Oct 28, 2006

Monk in the World
Solitude and Intimatic Fellowship
Saying For Today: "To temper the life of a monastery and fit it into my home, life, work, and relationships is enriching, even when it befuddles those who know me. "

Oct 27, 2006

A Spiritual Rebirth
Being a Spiritual Christian
Saying For Today: "I am a spiritual Christian, if I have passed through the forms of faith in Christ to the Formless Three-in-One in Christ, the Godhead I cannot attain but can reflect in and only through Undivided Love, which is Beautiful Grace. "

Oct 26, 2006

All-Need and All-Sufficiency
Correlation and Christian Spirituality
Saying For Today: "We will receive no more from Spirit than our Desire is able to offer to Spirit, for the Desire opens to receive an infinite, perpetual outflowing of Grace."

Oct 25, 2006

The land within the Land
Adoring and Witnessing to the Other Land
Saying For Today: "The spiritual person places her mind on the Land, she cultivates her affection for the Land, and she longs for a fuller inward vision of the fullness of the Land, which is infinite Progress."

Oct 24, 2006

Singleness of Devotion to Christ
Transcending Sects
Saying For Today: "Such a man or woman knows unity arises from the Living Fact of Union, not the dead letter of ideology. "

Oct 23, 2006

All Enjoying the Stew
On Heaven and Hell
Saying For Today: "Heaven is a communal, relational Existing. Heaven is not an individual experience, though personal."

Oct 22, 2006

The Attire of the Spirit
The Disposition of Holiness
Saying For Today: "If we give attention to what we wear daily as a covering for the body, then how much more should we give attention to our disposition of heart and mind daily? "

Oct 21, 2006

Being Low as Dirt
On Christian Humility
Saying For Today: "Jesus presents an unfamiliar definition of greatness for us in our power-hungry, authority-demanding, authority-disrespecting, and self-esteem-fascinated, individualistic society."

Oct 20, 2006

The Wellspring of Spiritual Living
Vision and Spirituality
Saying For Today: "Spiritual living arises from a spiritual, intuitive vision: or transformative insight, experiential knowledge of Divine Reality. "

Oct 19, 2006

Cosmos and Christ
The Mystical Essence of Christian Faith
Saying For Today: "Christian mysticism links enlightenment with internal change; however, Christian mysticism points to a specific historical event as preparatory to that internal change. "

Oct 18, 2006

Such Spiritual Conjugality!
Christian Perfection
Saying For Today: "The man or woman who has so been spiritualized by the Holy Spirit has been gifted with Christian Perfection. "

Oct 17, 2006

The Touching, And Being Touched
On Mystical Devotion
Saying For Today: "Nothing could be more beautiful for any human to feel and be felt by, or to see or been seen by! If only I could tell this, but I cannot. Possibly, some see me and see."

Oct 16, 2006

Relational Mysticism
Darksome Faith and Koinonia
Saying For Today: "In prayer, as you learn to respect and become more comfortable with the Mystery, you are teaching yourself to respect and become more comfortable with the Mystery of others you love deeply and share with dearly. "

Oct 15, 2006

Always, Already Filled by Love
Being Servants of Love
Saying For Today: "Then, possibly, even in not having love, I shall know a Love that I cannot speak, but must carry in the quiet of my heart, only to be seen by other true lovers. "

Oct 14, 2006

Turning Our Gaze
Enjoying Unspeakable Peace
Saying For Today: "If we gaze upon God, we become godlike. If we gaze upon ourselves, we become selfish."

Oct 13, 2006

The Passing Over
On Mystical Death and Resurrection
Saying For Today: "Each natural and good faculty within me must die to itself and arise transformed into the likeness of Christ, through the mysterious and ineffable operations of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God. "

Oct 12, 2006

United to His Sanctity
A Spiritual View of Flesh
Saying For Today: "Right use of the body pertains, then, to recognition that when you committed yourself to Christ, you renounced the unnatural claim to use the body in any way you might want to use it. "

Oct 10, 2006

The House to Love
Manifest,Unmanifest Presence
Saying For Today: "So, while we cannot approach the One, the One is with us in His, or Her, Manifest Presence, unapproachable in UnManifest Presence. "

Oct 9, 2006

The Basic Necessity of Life
Going to the Source of the Arousal
Saying For Today: "Jesus points us to the Arouser, the Reality that is like a hint echoing from another place, not of this world, saying, 'There is so much more for you.'"

Oct 8, 2006

Open to the Wonder of Aliveness
Open Concepts, Opening the System
Saying For Today: "To become an open system yourself, alive to the sense of Divine Presence, may require a painful breaking away from dependence on concepts and practices that no longer encourage your opening to the wonder of Aliveness."

Oct 7, 2006

Not Settling for Crumbs
Simple, Loving Union
Saying For Today: "The house is God who invites everyone to live in the Divine Presence, in the simple union of love; for God is infinite and, thus, has room for all creatures."

Oct 6, 2006

Entering the Mystery of Christ
On Mystical Knowledge
Saying For Today: "For a vital, deep Christian spirituality, we choose to enter into Christ's life, the life that touches past and present and future, that endows each moment with inspiration and allows us to experience in ourselves Christ, the Spirit, living out His being, eternally."

Oct 5, 2006

The Movement of Life
Unfolding Potentialities
Saying For Today: "We trust that wholeness and order resides in what is chaotic and broken."

Oct 4, 2006

The King and the Magic Horse
Newness of Life Among Us
Saying For Today: "By entering into reconcilation among ourselves, we continue the work of Christ reconciling persons through Love to the Triune Mystery."

Oct 3, 2006

Friendship with the Divine
What a Friend We Have in Jesus

Oct 1, 2006

Flowering of True Peace
Ascesis and Peace
Saying For Today: "This attitude of self-abasement and sorrow for sin is part of what the great Teachers called ascesis, that attitude of asceticism, or self-restraint, essential to growing in Christlikeness and living in harmony with our brothers and sisters in Christ."

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