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Path of Spirit

January 2006

Jan 31, 2006

The Divine Generosity
Enjoyment of Abundance
Saying For Today: "I am a generous Presence, and staying in fellowship with me throughout the day will open for you the floodgates of heaven and the fountains of earth. "

Jan 30, 2006

Be Thou My Vision
Christ All In All
Saying For Today: "… do not weary me with all your 'Christian' thoughts; rather, share with me your ardent, consuming love for Christ. "

Jan 29, 2006

You Unique
Celebrating Your Particularized Image
Saying For Today: "I have placed in your soul a blueprint that is unfolding a mystery that would astonish you if you could only see it now. "

Jan 28, 2006

A Verdant Flowing
On Being A Divine Lover
Saying For Today: "Love is the verdant power of the Divine, bringing abundance into every space of openness. "

Jan 26, 2006

Energies and Discernment
Listening to the Body and Emotions
Saying For Today: "… being at unrest in a situation indicates something awry. When in God’s will, we are to enjoy peace. "

Jan 25, 2006

Your Special Self
From Seed to Garden of Joy
Saying For Today: "To return to what I made you takes time, patience, and forgiving yourself when you fail. You will need dear and faithful friends. I will give them to you. Then, you must be willing to accept their love and help, as well as wise guidance "

Jan 23, 2006

A Voice From Many Directions
On Listening
Saying For Today: "My Word flows into the openness of your surrender and relaxation, even as water flows into a valley. If you relax and remain open, you will hear and feel my Word coming to you through many avenues. "

Jan 21, 2006

Being the Living Christ
Making God Present to the World
Saying For Today: "This is a radical and progressive message from the Spirit: you can be the living Christ today."

Jan 20, 2006

Hallowed Flesh
Body and Spirituality
Saying For Today: "By returning fully and gently to your body, I will heal the pent up frustrations and losses stored there. "

Jan 19, 2006

How Love Grows
Love In All We Do
Saying For Today: "… rarely grows love ... but in the small done from great love. "

Jan 18, 2006

Breathing Your Presence
Fortunate Dark Night
Saying For Today: "We begin, through this process, not only to believe that all things live in God, we grow increasing to feel this Aliveness, and all else can either be held close or released, for they find a place with us only in their sharing with us the Presence."

Jan 17, 2006

Spirit’s Particularization
On Spaces of Sacredness
Saying For Today: "… Spirit seeks specificity of place with specificity of person and community, for the proclivity of Spirit is towards intimacy. "

Jan 16, 2006

Out Beyond Religion
The Spirit’s Midwifery
Saying For Today: "And, when you are drawn close to my heart, to the point where there is no dividing point between you and me, you will enjoy the freedom beyond right and wrong, and Love alone will be your Guide. "

Jan 15, 2006

Sweet Death
Dying into Life
Saying For Today: "Yesterday I was a diamond alone, At night a million Suns shone through me. "

Jan 14, 2006

A Time to Receive
The Joy of Being Served
Saying For Today: "… I have learned that one can only rightly serve those whom he is willing to invite to serve him. "

Jan 13, 2006

More Love to Christ
Praying the Deepest Need
Saying For Today: "This is my earnest plea: More love, O Christ, to Thee; More love to Thee, more love to Thee! "

Jan 12, 2006

Sweet Surrender
You, Body, and Giving It Over
Saying For Today: "Does not the Way of Christ do just that: Provide a path to a flourishing Life through a logic that contradicts the survival logic that leads to isolation, separation, and spiritual death?"

Jan 11, 2006

The Fox and the Vineyard
Enjoying the Good
Saying For Today: "… we can fail to see that the great sacrifices we go through to achieve something is at the expense of the good we could already enjoy, here and now. "

Jan 10, 2006

The End of Seeking
Saying For Today: "Brian, I am not to be found, I am to be received…. "

Jan 9, 2006

From Indication to Fruition
One Embrace of Grace
Saying For Today: "Ultimately … the contemplative transcends all signs and realizes the inner meaning in Union with God, where she enjoys intimate union with Christ Jesus. This is the true meaning of Christian mysticism. "

Jan 7, 2006

Candle Aflame
A Mystical Love Poem
Saying For Today: "Those afraid of feelings flee, This place of the Heart…. "

Jan 2, 2006

Where Is God?
A New Year Reading
Saying For Today: "I gasped with wonder, and that moon, hanging in the sky the other night-Well! I could only utter praise of such Beauty. "

Jan 1, 2006

Kissed With The Sun
A Love Filling You Up More and More
Saying For Today: "Be assured that with everything you give up, my Love fills you up even more. "

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