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A Reaching Out in Love

The Warmth of Compassion

Dec 14, 2021

Kuan Yin... Bodhisattva of Bodhichitta

Kuan Yin... Bodhisattva of Bodhichitta

Reflection from Silent Retreat... Florida, Spring 2018

Walking the labyrinth, during retreat, a Kuan Yin was sitting at the center. I felt a strong connection to her, a reverence even, and bowed several times, or more, to her.

This surprised me. This felt right, like this warmth was being drawn out of me, a warmth of love and gratitude. So, I wanted this [a statue of Kuan Yin in my home] reminder where I pray and meditate daily. Yes, reminder says it well... something was awakened in me that day at the labyrinth, something of her was the truth of my heart.

I discovered she is the Bodhisattva of Compassion. I, too, had been inspired by the image of Jesus as a Being of Compassion. And many persons along my life journey have modeled for and to me this warmth of caring, this reaching out of love. Kuan Yin represents all of them; she is not just a universal image of compassion, but kindly care that touches us in the most ordinary ways, enriching our lives day-to-day.

Where would any of us be, had it not been for many kind beings who have helped us, from being in the womb until now? Imagine the wealth of kind care a compassionate mother has as the fetus grows inside the womb. We are born in love, to live in love.

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