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Joy of Realness

Dec 14, 2015


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Living in LOVE beyond Beliefs

Buddha Quote 97

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An amazing relief occurs when there is no sense of need to be someone, anyone, anything, not even to be. How can Beingness need to be or become Itself, when Being is being Itself already and is Itself always? With this inner realization - inner in the sense of close, intimate, not inside as opposed to outside - comes a joy and contentment that persons who must uphold an image of themselves never arrive at. Most persons seek to build up and confirm an image of themselves and, so, relate well only with other image-bearers, not persons real, authentic, so pure of image-need. And, when you no longer need to be someone or anything, only then can you embrace and celebrate authentic beings free of that apparent need. Roles can arise, and do, out of Being, so being, but Being is prior. This joy is the joy, then, of just being effortlessly, without pretense, with no need to receive any congratulations. When the masks fall one-by-one, never to return, what is left? When there is absolutely nothing to be, Being is present, being is Presence, even as It was before. This will threaten persons, though they will look for reasons to explain why they are uncomfortable with you - excuses for their own incapacity to tolerate realness, which confronts their fakeness - for most persons never drop the agenda, at least not until late in life, of trying to be someone, when there really is no one to be, at all. Finally, being a person is not Being being, for person itself is a collage of images. Authenticity is not being an authentic person; authenticity is person dropping by grace. Person always needs an image to uphold itself up as person, so personality. Person itself is an array of images, all after Being being. So, the entire life emergence is a return, by evolving onward, to Being. Being is both before and after, as well as now. We could as rightly say Being never was, is, or will be, for Being is timeless, or eternal - and, so, cannot be everlasting.

*Arem Nahariim-Samadhi

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The Sacred in Me bows to the Sacred in You


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